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They look like Kimchi though, however, we are not in Korea but Hong Kong. Some pickled vegetable? This is one slimy and scary looking entrails tripe of an animal. Tea served from large hot kettles into small bowls. People drink them while standing. The ubiquitous roasted peking duck is as conventional as noodles in Hong Kong.

I am also seeing some Siu Yuk roasted pork belly. Looks like some tripes - intestines wrapped together, fried, then sliced and put into a stick. Forget about buying — renting is the only option for anyone without substantial savings — and only multi-millionaires can afford a even a modest house. A final problem is the weather. That prices most graduates out of the city; only look for jobs if you have guaranteed accommodation or can be sure you can afford to live in the territory. After over years of British rule, Hong Kong still retains close links to its former allegiance.

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All road signs and menus are in English, and most locals speak the language even if they pretend otherwise. Visas are also relatively straightforward: a confirmed offer of employment, a degree in a relevant field and no security concerns are usually enough for a favourable application. Hong Kong offers something for everybody — no matter the time of day. Early risers should head to one of the city parks to watch the morning Tai Chi, head over to Lantau Island to see largest seated Buddha in the world at the Po Lin Monastery. Revellers should head to the steep streets of Lan Kwai Fong on the island for a host of bars, while shoppers should venture along the neon chaos of Nathan Road in Kowloon, before slipping off the beaten path to the Temple Street Night Market — an unmissable stop for anyone seeking a bargain.

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He even said that Hong Kong was just "a desolate island with hardly a house on it". However, the town, created next to a well-sheltered port, grew little by little and annexed more territory nowadays Kowloon and the New Territories until it became the city it is today. It was only after the advent of communist China in that Hong Kong began to develop so rapidly due to the rich entrepreneurs who were exiled there.

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This development, despite fears about the hand back in , continues today. Nowadays, Hong Kong is a world financial center, the door to China, and one of the cities where you see the most Porsches and Ferraris in the world If you come to Hong Kong on a day where there is good visibility, don't forget to go up The Peak to admire the buildings from above. Alternatively on Kowloon side, on the "Avenue of Stars", at 8 pm every evening there is the "Symphony of Lights" show when you can see them illuminated.

You could think that the city was all about modernism but there are still numerous symbols from its colonial past: the Star Ferry, for example, which continues to tirelessly cross the bay even if the journey has become shorter with the years, because a lot of land has been reclaimed from the sea , or the former courthouse, which looks a little odd among all the modern skyscrapers of Central Even if Hong Kong became Chinese again in , it is still very influenced by the western culture which the English brought there. Other than English, the official language which is gradually losing out to Chinese, you can cite the legislative system, freedom of expression, and the cultural scene.

Hong Kongers are proud of their distinctive features Cantonese, the right to protest and fight to protect them. They also consider themselves a bit superior to the continental Chinese, "mainlanders" as they are called here , for whom they feel a sort of racism. But Hong-Kong is still a Chinese city, where Feng Shui is very important, where buildings never have a 4th floor because 4 brings bad luck Welcome aboard! Keep an eye out for trip inspiration and travel offers in your inbox Your information is sent to EVANEOS, located at 27 rue de Mogador, Paris, France, in order provide you with its services, personalised information relevant to you, and practical advice regarding your travel plans.

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