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Honey bees' value as pollinators of commercial produce is now estimated at more than billion dollars annually worldwide. Honey Bee Decline and Vulnerability.

Texas Pioneers Energy Storage in Giant Battery

Honey bee decline has been attributed to a variety of factors, including habitat loss, the use of pesticides and the spread of disease-carrying bacteria and pests such as hive beetles and Varroa and tracheal mites. The legendary entomologist Charles D. In , Brazilian geneticist Warwick Estevam Kerr traveled to southern Africa to find honey bee subspecies that showed high productivity and survival rates in tropical climates. Several factors enabled Africanized bees to dominate European honey bee populations.

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A succession of hockey teams based in Hidalgo have called themselves the Killer Bees. Among other limitations, killer bees are unable to warm themselves during the winter through the process called shivering, described near the top of this page. Killer bees are also less able to withstand long periods of food shortage associated with winter climates. People usually encounter honey bees when they are collecting pollen or nectar from flowers.

Honey bees are most likely to become aggressive when their hives are threatened. As a rule, you should avoid approaching feral or "wild" bee nests without taking precautions. Local apiaries contain European honey bees of various subvarieties, and take pains to exclude Africanized bees from hives.

Near the border, swarms of honey bees that you encounter outside of apiaries -- for example, in trees, rock crevices, ground holes or abandoned buildings -- are likely to be killer bees. How Dangerous Are Killer Bees? Their sting venom has no antidote, causes victims to hallucinate giant bees and results in a fatal heart attack within days. Africanized bees' reputation for violence far outstrips reality. It is notable that Africanized bees are now the principal honey-producers and commercial pollinators used in most of South and Central America. Brazilian beekeepers routinely manage Africanized bee hives without mishaps.

Some management techniques include using smoke to subdue bees; taping the openings of beekeeping suits; and keeping individual colonies apart from one another and at legally-mandated distances from town limits. Attacks by Africanized bees are also more prolonged, and killer bees chase their targets a longer distance. It's really exciting with something new. It's a fun new way to approach baseball and it feels like it helps you a lot. It works, so I feel good about it. Pence looks back fondly on his time in the Bay Area but he's equally excited for this current opportunity to play for his hometown team.

I'm very fortunate everywhere I've gotten to play, I've loved every city. I think every city has different uniqueness and different things to enjoy and appreciate. Both have been great opportunities. San Francisco feels like a second home for me, for sure.

beaumont's giant fire hydrant

Pence and the Rangers are off to a surprising start this season. While he will always cherish the great memories he created in San Francisco, he is completely focused on the present. We have a really exciting young team. I'm embracing this moment right now. I may reflect when I'm done, but right now I'm in the fire.

Movie "Giant" exposed ugliness

Bochy announced late Friday that Bumgarner will not start Sunday as expected. The two spoke Friday afternoon.

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Bumgarner will hit the open market in a few weeks. She leaves Jett a small piece of land on the Benedict ranch. Bick, who despises Jett, tries to buy back the land, but Jett refuses to sell. Jett makes the land his home and names it Little Reata. After discovering oil within a footprint left by Leslie, Jett begins digging and strikes oil on his land. He then drives to the Benedict house, covered in crude, to proclaim to the Benedicts that he will be richer than them. Jett makes a pass at Leslie, and this leads to a brief fistfight with Bick before he drives off.

Jett's oil drilling company prospers over the years, and he tries to persuade Bick to let him drill for oil on Reata. Bick is determined to preserve his family legacy, however, and refuses. Meanwhile, tensions arise regarding the now-grown children. Bick insists that Jordy succeed him and run the ranch, but Jordy wants to become a doctor. Leslie wants Judy to attend finishing school in Switzerland, but Judy wants to study animal husbandry at Texas Tech. Both children succeed in pursuing their own vocations, each asking one parent to convince the other to let them have their way.

At the family Christmas party, Bick tries to interest Judy's new husband, Bob Dace, in working on the ranch after he returns from the recently declared war , but Dace refuses. Jett arrives and persuades Bick to allow oil production on his land. Realizing that his children will not take over the ranch when he retires, Bick agrees.

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  5. Luz II, now in her teens, starts flirting with Jett. Once oil production starts on the ranch, the Benedict family becomes even wealthier and more powerful. Meanwhile, the now-grown Angel is killed in the war, and his body is sent home for burial. At a huge party given by Jett in his own honor at his hotel in Austin, he orders his staff not to serve Jordy's Mexican wife, Juana. Enraged, Jordy tries to start a fight with Jett, who beats him and has him thrown out. Fed up, Bick challenges Jett to a fight. Drunk and almost incoherent, Jett leads the way to a wine storage room. Seeing that Jett is in no state to defend himself, Bick lowers his fists, and instead topples Jett's wine cellar shelves.

    The Benedict family leaves the party. Jett staggers into the banquet hall, takes his seat of honor, and passes out on the table. Luz II leaves, heartbroken, as Jett falls over onto the floor. The next day, on their way home, the Benedicts stop at a diner with a sign at the counter saying, "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone," which during the mid-twentieth century in the southern United States was often taken as meaning that ethnic minorities were not welcome.

    When the owner goes on to eject a Mexican family from the diner, Bick tells Sarge to leave them alone. Bick fights Sarge, who beats him, but then takes down the sign and tosses it on top of Bick.

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    Back at the ranch, Bick laments that he has failed to preserve the Benedict family legacy. Leslie replies that, after the fight in the diner, he was her hero for the first time, and that she considers their own family legacy a success. They look at their two grandchildren, one white and one Hispanic. Nick Adams recorded some of James Dean's dialogue after Dean's death.

    Kleberg Jr.

    Main Theme (From "Rebel Without a Cause")

    The fictional character Jett Rink was inspired partly by the extraordinary rags-to-riches life story of the wildcatter oil tycoon Glenn Herbert McCarthy — Hudson chose Taylor. After James Dean 's death late in production, Nick Adams overdubbed some of Dean's lines, which were nearly inaudible, as Rink's voice. The film begins with Jordan "Bick" Benedict, played by Hudson, arriving at Ardmore, Maryland , to purchase a stallion from the Lynnton family. The first part of the picture was actually shot in Albemarle County , Virginia , and used the Keswick, Virginia , railroad station as the Ardmore railway depot.

    That version of the song happened to be the 1 pop single on the Billboard Magazine Best Sellers chart at the time of James Dean's death. The movie is an epic portrayal of a powerful Texas ranching family challenged by changing times and the coming of big oil. Another subplot involves Leslie's own striving for women's equal rights as she defies the patriarchal social order, asserting herself and expressing her own opinions when the men talk. She protests being expected to suppress her beliefs in deference to Bick's; this conflict leads to their temporary separation.