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Ben Gamel followed and knocked in Castillo with a single looped into right-center field. Tyler Austin capped the inning with a sacrifice-fly to right field for a lead. It marked his second shortest outing of the season as he was saddled with his fifth loss of the year. He was charged with five earned runs on six hits, walked one and struck out one. Right-hander Edwin Quirarte cleaned up the second inning for Mejia, but ran into his own issues in the third.

Pete O'Brien led off the inning with a double to the corner in left. An out later, Quirarte walked Sanchez and Fiorito back-to-back to load the bases.

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Castillo popped out, but Williams notched his third hit of the night - a single to center field - to plate another pair. Trenton went ahead, , with Williams having knocked in four of those runs. Quirarte surrendered an additional run in the fourth inning as the Thunder claimed an lead. Join Us On Facebook Close. Share your World Trip Experience. Characters Remaining: Be the first one to review. Travel ideas from across the world straight to your inbox. From around the web.

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Popular Galleries These underground attractions are eerily stunning! Did you know there are replicas of the Taj Mahal in India? Malaika Arora is in Dubai for birthday and her pictures are dreamier than Burj Khalifa! Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur to get a sculpture park. The highest capital cities in the world. I know its your job, but do get some rest and freshen up Ben. Have a great time in Colombia. Btw just curious to know, have you ever considered vlogging? Maybe a YouTube channel? Either ways its fine, but if no.. Really, Mad Scientist The planes would have taken off without him.

The fuel differential is inconsequential. Would be better if Ben donated to a homeless shelter than the carbon offset ripoffs. And I get 42mpg in my car to save fuel, not for carbon reasons. All domestic except two trips to LHR. Needless to say I am front loading before mid year RDM changes. Eh- who cares. Hopefully you stay healthy. Mad Scientist — carbon offsets? Maybe you are not aware, but when you buy carbon offsets, you do not actually decrease CO2 by planting trees for example. You are not helping an environment by buying a carbon offset. Anyone buying offsets should be careful, some are gree than other.

I would recommend gold standard certified offsets and even then look at the projects they are funding.

Trenton Takes Opener as Squirrels Win-Streak Ends at Six

Get yourself a Mast shoe franchise and a sample case and sell a few pair everywhere you go. A gifted accountant could turn it into the mother lode. I would sometimes get confused between the nation of the passport I was using, the nation I was living in at the time and where I was flying to or from.

I did a same-day turn in Aguadilla on a mileage run recently.

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Same crew in and out, at 3 AM. But the airport was bustling.

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When the crew saw me getting back on board, they mentioned something about such a short stay. Other than that, how can one ever have too many miles, or not want to maintain top tier status? Keep going for, er, platinum! We should all be so fortunate i. Are things more relaxed in Canada?

So Scottrick gets my Best Post of the Day prize on account of the actual writing expertise evident in the comment. Really, just about never. This blog bores me these days. I used to glean some valuable information, but these days it seems as if the topics covered are well beyond my means or I can find the info myself easily with a simple search.

I am a working father of four who used to leverage info found in this blog to help maximize my travel experiences. Good luck to you…unsubscribe. Thankfully the long hauls including the transcon were all either in F or SQ J. I stuck to my melatonin, drank plenty of water and jumped straight into my regular routine after returning home. That took place over 3 weeks, again all in F and J thankfully. The real turning point for me was arriving back into London after the switch to daylight savings time.

As soon as darkness fell, I felt like I was on the swaying deck of an ocean galleon. I struggled to make it back to the hotel in one piece.