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Well, just once for old times' sake. I'm not disputing that this isn't cheating. Elixir Glitch To make use of these glitches by exploiting them is by definition cheating, and manipulating the RNG to avoid having to race is cheating, but at what point does it become a cheat? OK, so let's say you know that it is possible to get a colored Chocobo without having to race, just the odds aren't great. So you reset over and over again until you get a Green F. Is this cheating? It's just resetting the game until you get the desired results that the game has been coded to give you. But then, after an hour you find that you just cannot get a blue M.

Lionel Richie & Beverley Knight ~ ENDLESS LOVE. with Lyrics

So, you look into the reason for this, and you learn that the RNG will not advance when you're in the stables. Everywhere area in the game in which random numbers are called upon such as the Wonder Square, but not the stables, the RNG marker is constantly advancing to ensure a "random" result everytime. The stables are broken. So, you fix the game's problem by advancing the RNG manually by running in-and-out of the stables 1 more time than you did previously, which does something that the game really should be doing itself - advancing the RNG to ensure a different result everytime.

After running in-and-out of the stables 15 times, you finally get the Blue Male you've been after. You also make note that after running in-and-out 5 times you got a Green Female. You decide to then post this on GFaq so that everyone else can get a Green and Blue Choc of opposite sex the easy way, and then everyone goes off and cheats the game to get the desired Chocs without having to race. At the end of the day, the RNG should be advancing of its own accord, and the fact that it doesn't is the reason the Chocobo mechanics are broken.

All you did was find a way to fix it, BUT I don't know, it's a weird one. I love the fact that it's broken. I have a Chocobo RNG project which I put on hold due to the fact that there are faaar too many variables to be able to map out every RNG sequence without spending months and months on it. I am however also trying to find the quickest and easiest way to Gold whilst also getting the best possible stats that the game can give Soigge, hit me up.

Additionally, many of the special duels are with characters who have been introduced and fully fleshed out, making it an emotional experience as well. The next twenty five entries are judged not solely on their difficulty, but considering their abilities in the cannon. While some of the bosses do not pose a significant threat in battle, their abilities prove they have a power beyond imagination.

The fal'Cie hoped to use Orphan in order to summon The Maker, who, as the name implies, creates worlds. The battle itself can be a tough one if the player is unaware of the boss's very simple weakness. As it turns out, Orphan is vulnerable to Poison, and will be made more manageable if the spell is cast upon it. Because of its Achilles heel, this boss takes a low spot. Chaos is at the center of a dubious plan to create an endless cycle of evil and destruction.

Four Fiends send the knight Garland back in time, who in turn sends the Fiends into the future in order for them to put Garland in the past first. It's a little confusing and does not make a whole lot of sense, but it is a scheme the Warriors of Light must thwart none the less. Garland reveals himself to be Chaos, and the party dukes it out with him, ultimately winning and correcting the timeline. Final Fantasy III opens with mysterious events transpiring and a crystal instructing the party to bring balance to the world once again. Eventually, the player learns who is behind all the recent chaos.

A mysterious green entity known as the Cloud of Darkness seeks to not only destroy the world, but toss it into a void, making it appear as if it never existed in the first place. The menacing foe appears as a female, almost as an antithesis to the nurturing Mother Nature-esque forms present in numerous fantasy stories. The Crystals of Final Fantasy V are used to lock away an evil bent on destroying the world. Even inside its magical prison, Ex Death is able to manipulate events to its will, ultimately breaking the seal and initiating the world's downfall.

The party then faces it down themselves. Finally after this last transmogrification, the world ending entity is eliminated and the planet begins to heal. Ex Death is notable for getting closer to its goal than most Final Fantasy antagonists do. While Final Fantasy II is one of the weaker titles in the series, due in part to its easily broken character progression, it is still important for being the first title in the series with a fleshed out plot.

The ruler of Palamecia, simply known as the Emperor, is a mysterious foe for the party to face down.

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Even after his initial defeat, he returns from the abyss as a demon in order to end all life on the planet. Thankfully, he is felled once again, ending the empire's reign of terror. This boss is only present in the Game Boy Advance version and all following releases. One may be hard pressed to access the Kaiser Dragon, let alone defeat it. Before reaching the optional encounter, one must first progress through the Dragons' Den.

To enter this bonus dungeon, the party has to best eight legendary dragons found throughout the World of Ruin. The enemy goes through five different forms in the battle, forcing players to change tactics with each new incarnation. The sequel to the thirteenth numbered entry is bogged down by a confusing, nonsensical plot. The two Bahamuts seemingly come out of nowhere, but they still earn a place on the list by putting up a tough fight.

If the player is unprepared for what this duo throws at them, they will wipe the floor with Serah and Noel. The rest of the game is a cakewalk, so it comes as a surprise that the last boss requires tact. The ability to summon Belias in this highly regarded spin off comes from the Stones. These stones grant its holder's deepest wish, regardless of its nature. If the person is pure of heart, it can cause miracles, but it can also be used to summon forth ancient evils, using whoever has the stone as a host.

The primitive graphics of the game do a good job in conveying Belias's horrific appearance, and the battle is on par with the game's sometimes unforgiving difficulty.

Knights Of The Crystals Is Final Fantasy For Facebook

Belias makes appearances in other titles, but he is the scariest here. In this storied series, some things worth getting are often hard to obtain. The Esper Zodiark from Final Fantasy XII is a prime example of this, as it only becomes available to summon after besting it in battle. The secret boss can be found deep in the Henne Mines, but one should not venture into its depths until they are at a high level and are well equipped.

The Esper boasts over three hundred thousand health points and will sometimes become immune to magic during the fight, making for a challenging bout. Necron is comparable SkyNet from The Terminator. It resolves that humans seek out their own destruction and the world would be better off not existing, so it takes on the responsibility of expediting this process. Of course, Zidane and friends are not about to just let that happen. The omnipotent being is defeated, but ominously vows that it will always be there as long as there is life and its counterpart.

The battle itself can be formidable, but it can be made easier with the right equipment and an intelligent strategy. While this is an exhausted cliche, Zeromus is still a force to be reckoned with.

The party is helpless against is and all hope seems lost. However, everybody binds together in prayer in order to grant Cecil additional strength. This miraculously works, and Zeromus is destroyed. What's scarier than a malicious god? Perhaps someone who will stop at nothing in order to become one. Squall and party won't just sit idly by and let her go through with it, though, so they decide to taker her on. The last boss in Final Fantasy Tactics was felled over a thousand years before the game's events, but was resurrected and used the protagonist's sister as a host.

Eventually, the two separate and Ultima is a free being once again. Thankfully, Ramza is able to best the beast before it unleashes itself upon Ivalice, but Ultima triggers a massive explosion in the process, seemingly sending Ramza and his sister off to an early grave.

If players enters the battle unprepared or without saving before entering the dungeon, they could be in for a grueling and time consuming fight.

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The god is essentially all powerful, with the ability to create and destroy worlds on a whim. The bonds within each guild grow very strong, close to that of family. Considered dangerously fervent in their aggressive attacks on the mist, the people of the valley are quite wary of their presence. The gloomy air about them tend to lower the spirit of any village they visit or pass by during their culling marches to a noticeable degree.

They are paranoid and forgive no changeling or witch or the use of any mist knowledge - such as blue fire or marble shards.

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One peculiar thing about the order is the sizeable proportion of giants. Though few manage to grow to the stature of the giants of the order of the Three Crowns and most carry debilitating mental conditions. Despite this, no one can explain their prevalence, as giants in the wild are rare as they are and the royal giants behind the walls of Kamar keep to their own. They left the order and founded their own in reverence of their dear lost friend and her heroic deed - forming the order of Sancta Klarabella.

Need me a knight who only communciates with Morse code via tapping their armour. Knight, walking: [taps armour] Mage: Oh my god, they were roommates.