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By some accounts, nine Brahman holy men made the prophecy. It was foretold that the boy would be either a great ruler or a great spiritual teacher. King Suddhodana preferred the first outcome and prepared his son accordingly. He raised the boy in great luxury and shielded him from knowledge of religion and human suffering. This was no doubt a marriage arranged by the families, as was customary at the time. Yasodhara was the daughter of a Koliya chief, and her mother was a sister to King Suddhodana.

The prince reached the age of 29 with little experience of the world outside the walls of his opulent palaces.

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He was oblivious to the realities of sickness, old age, and death. One day, overcome with curiosity, Prince Siddhartha asked a charioteer to take him on a series of rides through the countryside. On these journeys he was shocked by the sight of an aged man, then a sick man, and then a corpse. The stark realities of old age, disease, and death seized and sickened the prince.

Finally, he saw a wandering ascetic. The charioteer explained that the ascetic was one who had renounced the world and sought release from the fear of death and suffering. For a time the prince returned to palace life, but he took no pleasure in it. Even the news that his wife Yasodhara had given birth to a son did not please him.

The child was called Rahula , which means "fetter. One night the prince wandered the palace alone. The luxuries that had once pleased him now seemed grotesque. Musicians and dancing girls had fallen asleep and were sprawled about, snoring and sputtering. Prince Siddhartha reflected on the old age, disease, and death that would overtake them all and turn their bodies to dust.

He realized then that he could no longer be content living the life of a prince. That very night he left the palace, shaved his head, and changed from his royal clothes into a beggar's robe. Renouncing all the luxury he had known, he began his quest for enlightenment.

Siddhartha started by seeking out renowned teachers. They taught him about the many religious philosophies of his day as well as how to meditate. After he had learned all they had to teach, his doubts and questions remained.

He and five disciples left to find enlightenment by themselves. The six companions attempted to find release from suffering through physical discipline: enduring pain, holding their breath, and fasting nearly to starvation.

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Yet Siddhartha was still unsatisfied. It occurred to him that in renouncing pleasure he had grasped the opposite of pleasure, which was pain and self-mortification. Now Siddhartha considered a Middle Way between those two extremes. He remembered an experience from his childhood when his mind had settled into a state of deep peace.

He saw that the path of liberation was through the discipline of mind, and he realized that, instead of starvation, he needed nourishment to build up his strength for the effort. When he accepted a bowl of rice milk from a young girl, his companions assumed he had given up the quest, and they abandoned him.

The Life of the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama

Siddhartha sat beneath a sacred fig tree Ficus religiosa , known ever after as the Bodhi Tree bodhi means "awakened". It was there that he settled into meditation. The struggle within Siddhartha's mind came to be mythologized as a great battle with Mara. The demon's name means "destruction" and represents the passions that snare and delude us.

Mara brought vast armies of monsters to attack Siddhartha, who sat still and untouched. Mara's most beautiful daughter tried to seduce Siddhartha, but this effort also failed. Finally, Mara claimed that the seat of enlightenment rightfully belonged to him. Mara's spiritual accomplishments were greater than Siddhartha's, the demon said.

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Mara's monstrous soldiers cried out together, "I am his witness! Then Siddhartha reached out his right hand to touch the earth , and the earth itself roared, "I bear you witness! Ask Seller a Question. Publisher: Robinson Publishing. Her second semi-autobiographical novel of desire and lust in a new city far from China According to the author, Marrying Buddha is the continuation of her first novel Shanghai Baby, the international bestseller which was banned in China and catapulted her to fame and notoriety in the country of her birth. As in Shanghai Baby, the protagonist is Coco, a young successful female novelist who decides to leave Shanghai for New York.

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Coco embarks on the next leg of life's journey, a road that leads her through love, desire, and spiritual awakening. In Manhattan she meets Muju. Muju and Coco share a deep, intense passion, experimenting and exploring their desires at every available opportunity. But into this relationship enters glamorous, wealthy and impossibly urbane New Yorker Nick. And when as a result her relationship with Muju is threatened, Coco returns to China, to the tiny temple-studded island of Putu, the place of her birth.

It is on Mount Putu where Coco finds some inner peace - but once back in Shanghai she is visited by both Muju and Nick and is once again caught up in the intensity and passion of the two relationships.

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After both men leave Coco discovers she is pregnant, but has no idea of whether it is Muju or Nick who is the father Marrying Buddha is her second novel; her first, Shanghai Baby, was an international bestseller. Visit Seller's Storefront. Email: customerservices goldstonebooks. All orders are shiped within 1 working day. We offer a no quibble returns service. If you would like to return your item for any reason please email us in the first instance within 7 days of receipt. If there is a fault with your item that is not described in the listing, you may return your item for a refund within 30 days of purchase.

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