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He certainly became aroused but he was not completely comfortable fucking a complete stranger. As soon as his pants dropped to the floor Debbie dropped to her knees and looked up at him. Before he could comment she went down on him like a presidential intern and with her fingers stroking his solid nut sack she proceeded to suck his dick like a pro. Just like his wife she swallowed the lot and seemed most satisfied with his performance.

In fact, the groans had stopped next door as if they were listening to all the activity going on in her bedroom. Eddie the handyman was well and truly in the mood and he literally threw Debbie on the creaking bed and jumped on her beautiful naked body, he groped her tits, he licked her tits and he sucked them hard. And while he was doing that he was diddling her warm wet crack with two fingers. She was in a state of euphoria and was yelling and screaming with each new move he made.

When he stuck his tongue into her pink taco she just about brought the house down. She screamed and thrashed around on the bed and then begged for him to ram his cock into her.

Addicted Cum Slut Girlfriend Erotic Teen NSFW ASMR (Moaning, Begging for You Intense 18+)

Eddie made a hole in one and started to pound her as she clung onto his forearms and moaned like a Buffalo in heat. The bed springs not only creaked like hell the bedhead was beating a steady rhythm on the wall. He was grunting and groaning as he pounded her pussy and when he shot his load he gave and extra loud yell and she screamed even louder. After a cup of coffee and a nice slice of cherry cake they did it all over again and her ex-husband was knocking so loud on the wall bits of plaster were falling off.

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Of course Eddie refused to take her money and they came to an agreement that they would get together two or three times a week. When he arrived home rather late Meghan started to nag and then held out her hand for the money.

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Do you like being my pretty dolly? Now, my pretty dolly, kneel down here beside me, and cup your hands in front of me. You feel delighted to be a human ashtray for me, and you feel that tingle of obedience every time the ash touches your hands. Klaire knelt and gazed up at Megan. She enjoyed watching her Mistress smoke so much that she was almost disappointed when the cigarette was finished.

Megan removed her own top, then walked over to Klaire and began fondling her dark red hair, then running her hands all over her.

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Dance with me, my dolly, a sweet slow dance, and as you do, try to keep your nipples touching mine. And the sensations you feel as our breasts brush against each other make you so randy you can hardly stand it The two women danced together for a time. The next weekend Klaire found that she desperately wanted to see Megan again, so she rang up to invite herself over. After leaving a note telling her husband her plans, Klaire packed an overnight bag and hopped on the bus.

She was deeply relaxed, and her mind was blank except for vivid memories of her last meeting with Megan. The promised guest was a tall, voluptuous black woman, who carried herself like a queen. Megan and I had often chatted online about hypnosis and BDSM, and she kindly invited me to use her flat as a base for a vacation tour of the Midlands. As Lady Jet said the last two words, Megan fell to her knees. Her face smoothed out, and her eyes glazed over, fixed on Lady Jet.

How may I serve you? Klaire was astonished. You must be a wonderful hypnotist. I was just an aerobics instructor until a few years ago, but hypnosis fascinated me. I became a HypnoDomme as a hobby, but I recently got certified as a hypnotherapist. I get a special thrill out of interracial power exchange, especially persuading white men to become the love slaves of black women.

Speaking of that, would you like to join Megan in service to me tonight? Megan came in naked with the tea tray, and waited on the other two women with the silent self-effacing attitude of a perfect servant. Return to us now, Megan! Megan shook her head as she sat down and poured herself a cup of tea.

But when did you gain so much power over me, Lady Jet? Lady Jet turned to Klaire. Your last free choice this evening! I would love to be a slave girl for the night to both you and Megan. As you look deeply into the crystal ball, you see that it has beautiful colours deep inside.

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The colours keep changing as you look at them, mixing in whorls and spirals that gently pull your whole attention into the crystal ball. Now the ball begins to rotate, and the colours become brighter and more fascinating. You reach out and touch the surface of the ball, and it feels pleasantly soft and warm. The ball attracts you irresistibly.

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You step forward, and feel yourself sinking into the ball, and the colours surge through your body in waves of delicious relaxing feelings. You begin to hear beautiful soft music, changing slowly with the colours. The colours and the feelings and the music will continue to change just fast enough to keep you in a delicious hypnotic trance. You can speak to me freely, Klaire. Do you like your HypnoBall? It will be yours to keep even after tonight.

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Lady Jet turned to Megan, who was watching Klaire avidly. Megan licked her lips and said hoarsely, " She looks so happy that way! Megan again fell to her knees, and deeply into trance. When you put it on, you will deeply enjoy an experience of helpless obedience to both of us.

Are you ready? Lady Jet turned back to Klaire, who was blank-faced and relaxed, aware of nothing but the HypnoBall surrounding her. Now look at Megan.

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For a little while, she feels like your slave girl, and you will pretend to be her Mistress. Attach this dog lead to her collar, and then we will go for a walk. And with every step, your desire to make love with Megan and me increases.