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This is a road map to finding the healthiest, fittest you. In this book, you will find step by step instructions to changing your nutrition, exercise program, and mind-set for the ultimate body transformation available. The Skogg Sixty-Day Challenge has hundreds of success stories worldwide and the only thing missin How can Magi move on with her life now that her husband is suddenly removed from it? How can she convince her children that the strength she draws from God will not diminish though they have an uncertain future? Magi has many decisions to make, not the least of which is to give in to fear or give all to God.

If she does trust Him completely, where will He ta We all search for ways to escape pain. Laura, a slave living in the nineteenth century, knows this better than anyone. Her owner promises any of his female servants freedom if she gives birth to fifteen healthy slaves. The suffering that Laura endures makes this proposal all the more enticing, but she must not allow her desire for freedom to betray her own c That proves God is real, using mathematics and fulfilled prophecy; tha Patricia Braun finds herself putting her past behind her and setting off for her future, a future that included a home of her own where she was mistress of her own course in life.

However, when she returns to her beloved Evergreen after being sent to a preparatory school that taught her very little in the way of education, she finds her life not at all as sh In this book the author describes the situations, the challenges, and how she was able to overcome them through divine support and encouragement. The author shares the one thing that enabled her to face various difficult life challenges and move through them.

Her challenges involved something that most people have faced at one time or another in their lives Somewhere in the very far future, mankind has gone through two more world wars and come out of those with one superpower wielded by one leader. But the earth has suffered the devastating effects of those wars upon the flora, fauna, and landscape; and it is now struggling to survive. The population is currently living hand-to-mouth on government handouts for Abuse, whether emotional or physical, wounds deeply leaving scars.

This story shares the common journey of those who are victims of sexual abuse—the conflicting feelings, confusing thoughts, and silent struggles to accept their worth and reject the blame. It is the story of a boy and his Christmas gift and how that gift influenced the lives of all those with whom he came in contact. Chris thought that Pepper was just a puppy, but as time passed, Chris realized that he was much, much Vulnerable journal entries and rich biblical teaching are artfully interwoven to reveal how I was transformed from a lost girl to the daughter of a King, how I endured many trials, and ultimately came to a place of restoration.

My story is full of unexpected ext What was it like when God made the world? Was it dark or was it light? Did he create everything in one day? Share this story before you kiss your little one good night. This rhyming rendition of the story of creation encourages children to learn and appreciate God and his works in a fun and exciting way Silent Songs of Nursing, through short stories about the nurse-patient relationship, depict an authentic compassion for patients through the simple art of caring.

These simple and heartfelt stories depict the vulnerability of patients in a healthcare institution and a nurse's journey to reach out and touch humanity. While carrying out her life's purpose, the Remembering keeps us thanking and praising God as we get to know Him better so that we can live a life abiding in Him and full of gratitude and praise.

One God or one with several forms? Or maybe two, three, or perhaps many separate Gods? Which, if any, is right? Which view does the Bible support? And if it su Thomas J. Joyce is a journalist, a reporter, and columnist for the Long Island Sentinel. In November , at his home, he is visited by the Blessed Mother who asks for his help in convincing the world to stop taking in vain the name of her divine son.

For a while, Thomas doesn't know what to do. Finally, convinced that he was selected for this missio Life is full of ups and downs for all of us. This is no different for Kate Dahl and her family. Her parents had a rocky marriage, which led to heartache and worry in her young life. She went away to college on her own with all the worries and fear that come with it. Next, with three days' notice, she got a job teaching school, and off she went to start this The townspeople of Bendsville, which is anywhere, everywhere, just around the bend there, live their days planning and working.

They are too busy to enjoy nature or a sunset. When anything goes wrong, they blame it on the sun. Then one day a storm crashes down on the city. As the storm worsens, the people in the city stop complaining and blaming the sun Also, he feels very protective of a single mother and her two little girls. From Gangs to Grace and Grace Unfolded are an inspirational testimony of God's grace in seemingly impossible circumstances. Eddie Banales began as a young gangbanger, running wild through the streets of Pomona, California, during a time when violence and death were the norm. Biblical interpretation of the Abrahamic Covenants and his descendants often present a bias against the Arabs and Ishmaelites perhaps due to lack of full knowledge of God's covenantal promises and blessings to humanity.

Cherian presents clear evidences that God has no partiality and that Jews, Christians, Arabs, Muslims, Hindus and all people are equall What could a grumpy pig have against a kind gentle horse? Is Gracious' heart big enough to forgive? Welcome to Zettlemeyer Farms, where the animals speak, think, and feel! Gracious is a kind and gentle horse that is always thinking of others. Piggy is a selfish, ungrateful pig who is always wanting what others have.

When the gossiping crows bring the Needing to retrieve what I was permitting to waste away, the Lord gave me instructions on how t With beautiful original artwork and evocative use of metaphor, the author has created a parable. Having been inspired by the spirituality of children, he describes something of his own understanding of prayer, praise, and healing, implicitly inviting readers to consider how they might express their own response to the divine. What will happen to Little Bird when she leaves her freedom of the sunflower fields full of ripe seeds?

A higher power directs this little creature to learn the heart of a lonely, elderly woman. Are friendship and love enough to keep them together, or will their bond kindle the jealousy of the woman's family to separate them? When we first marry, all seems great. We are in love and think the strong feeling will last forever. One day, issues will surface. Who is right? How does one cope? Poor Thing tells the story of a little boy and another little boy that becomes his best friend.

It shows how both overcome significant problems and drawbacks and the significance and help their friendship was to both boys. The artwork I have done for the story is incidental to the story, which is intended to make the reader ponder the relation This book is about the author's journey with God. Ceci talks about how a life of an ordinary person can be highlighted with extraordinary experiences just by allowing God to come into our lives and hearts. This relationship with God is special and, in certain ways, unique to her.

Her purpose in writing this book is to engage the reader in her life adventure After forgiveness, what mankind needs most is encouragement, and there is no place where hope can be found like the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. In Hopeful Messages from the Bible, Rich Holland shares the encouraging message of God's love, redemption, and provision offered to everyone who knows loss, sin, and disappointment.

Growing up with little ch In , the Cold War was getting warmer. Cuba was the revolutionary fuel that made it hot. When Fidel Castro took power, he promised free elections, but instead, he became the country's new dictator, and a communist one at that. The book gives clear declaration of names and personalities of what-is-in-a-name-election, personalities God has purposefully chosen and transformed in status as a reflection of the amazing things He has established in their life and destiny.

Their standing may lead to a new name, a new beginning, or a new direction driven by the person's purposes in We have learned to keep score on just about everything. Therefore we unwittingly carry that same ethic over into our spiritual lives. If we have to work hard and dedicate ourselves to achieving success, then we end up thinking that we have to keep score on achieving righteousness. Paul's emphasis is one that runs throughout the Bible: we are losers and sinne There were people and events that worked into his life that shaped him into the person of whom he is today.

There is a before picture of a person and an after picture of individuals. In any family tree are names that mean something or nothing to the present-day members of that family. For the Ellison family, there are names that have been the center of tales of family lore and some that mean nothing at all to them.

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One member of Mark Ellison's family decides to research the roots of the family and finds that the family name has changed t Do you desire an intimate relationship with God but struggle with questions about God's goodness? Why was my childhood surrounded by so much trauma and abuse? Why is there so much ugliness and pain in the world? How could a good God allow such terrible things to happen to me? A Clock with Feet is a book filled with quirky poems and quirky pictures that in some quirky way all revolve around God's wonderful Word. Take time to read this fascinating rags-to-riches story, spanning ninety-two years.

It is a history lesson in itself. This story about Muffins New Home is based on the real-life experience of the author's beloved dog Muffin, an Old English sheepdog who went through life thinking of herself as always a puppy. With puppy playfulness, she seemed to enjoy all kinds of adventures with the children in her family, including running away, hiding, and befriending other animals.

An exciting story of the immigration struggles of an Indonesian family. Fleeing their home country, they spent ten years in Dutch immigrant camps. After receiving permission they came to America, with a dream of freedom! One family member took that dream and reached the impossible! Young Chris made his way, through countless obstacles, to establish his A call to action: God calls us to unite, but the enemy's tactic is continuous strife. Whose mold are you looking to fit into? If all Christians believe that we are made in God's image, why do we ostracize, shame, persecute, and otherwise hurt our fellow brothers and sisters?

Are we not called to do His will? Are we not all God's children? The Apostle Does God put discouragers in our path to create discomfort? Can the disquiet of not belonging be of Him, to spur us into forging ahead to places unknown? Can He use the illiterate to build empires? Can He restore broken hearts and enable forgiveness for the most crushing of transgressions? What could happen if we believed God was in the midst of it all? Stan and Elsa Mercer learn that the peaceful coexistence of the human and the primitive populations of the Quad Consortium is threatened when Tokal announces his intention to retire as president of the Grand Council.

Despite Stan's innate impulse to avoid becoming involved in any sort of political conflict, they felt obliged to return to Bale, the colde What's in name? Well, a lot if you're Faith whose first year of middle school is going to test just how much faith, courage, and determination she has. The halls of Alexandria Academy are going to bring some of the greatest tests, lessons, and experiences that will not only change Faith, but those around her.

As all parents know, children ask exhausting questions about the world and life. The book WHO did it? In this beautifully illustrated and magical story, Gemmy, a sweet young Kangaroo is born into an idyllic world where Kangaroos flourish. Gemmy is perfect except she was born without a pouch — a big deal for Kangaroos! As she nears adolescence, she is shunned by some and teased by others in her herd. This makes her very sad. As a young black girl in a low-income, single-parent home, Novica Olinger finds herself in a life filled with obstacles designed to keep her on a statistical road to nowhere.

The problem with statistics is most of the time, you don't get to hear the real stories behind that data; or you see negative stories played out on reality talk shows that just cause yo The story is an actual occurrence of a period of time. This book is a collection of poems, songs, and short stories written to help the reader tap into faith and spirituality. Poems throughout this book praise God for His creations, thank Christ for His sacrifice, and reminds the readers that God loves them.

For best results and spiritual impact, study this book cover to cover. Find a solitary, quiet place to re Overwhelmed by issues at home and pressured to be what he doesn't want to be, Sam Walker longs to be a character in one of his books. After he falls asleep that night, he finds himself in another world—one of beauty unlike anything he has ever seen and adventures he couldn't begin to imagine. When he wakes up, he dismisses it as an extremely vivid dream. Thousands of preschool and early-grade children are frustrated by their inability to be understood because of speech deficiencies.

Speech language pathologists perform tremendous transformations in the lives of these children, but the process is not an overnight success. Therapy takes time. This book was birthed on that premise, to share my journey as a single parent in the home. The number of single parents continues to rise in the United States of America. This book was written reading God's hand in my a Is Gracie an angel on earth? Amazing Grace is a tale of overcoming fear, building trust, finding love, being open to spirituality, and the power of faithfulness in our relationships. Based on a true story, get to know Gracie, an eleven-month-old shelter cat, rescued by Mom.

Gracie had spent her entire life in a cage at the shelter before being rescued. Ramblings of a Chicken Lady is a collection of short stories that depicts the storyline of a life transformed by animals and small-scale farming. Being the chicken lady of your town comes with its share of respect but also its share of heartache and loss. Not to mention the question: is she okay mentally? Nothing could have prepared me for the adventure I em Emily along with twenty-nine other teenagers have spent their childhood starving, fighting, and questioning life.

Some have even experienced death. They have been trapped between the high brick walls of their own city with nowhere to go and with no recollection of who they once were. The objective to this book is to provide practical techniques to no longer just sit through situations as a passive victim, tolerating perpetual inaction. Grandkids and other Miracles is a book of poems about my own grandchildren's childhoods.

I have been blessed with the privilege of sharing in their introduction to life. It has been a wondrous experience. Grandparents are notoriously eager to share their grandchildren's exploits and I am no exception. That mostly is what this book is all about - special We are all touched by death in some way. Les Johnson's, Tell Everyone, takes you through the jarring experiences of loss and pain that left him without a wife, and almost without his daughter, Heather.

The ripples that move through his family after these events are devastating, and his vulnerable retelling makes it relatable. I have had thirty-seven surgeries and been in God's presence four times, always telling me to go back. The doctors I had came up with the title and always told me to finish writing my book. I am in recovery from breast cancer for the second time.

I am healed from pancreatic cancer without chemo. Set in Pittsburgh in the s, Christina's Gift begins with the death of Christina Martin Andrews, a minister serving an established congregation in the city. As her friends and family try to make sense of how her life ended, they realize that her friendship was an invitation to become friends with Jesus and, in doing so, to discover their true selves, thei In this simple devotion, it is my hope that many find a way to discover release, renewal, and restoration through Mind Body and Spirit; A Moment with God.

This is a go-to resource of inspiration and Building a relationship with Christ is so rewarding. One of the ways to do that is through prayer.

The Scarlet Letter Audiobook by Nathaniel Hawthorne - Audiobook with subtitles

Life can be full of challenges. I have learned that having a consistent prayer life can change your perspective of the way you see things in your world. Inside the passages of this book are my personal prayers and intimate conversations with God. It is At the beginning of World War II, a young Luftwaffe pilot, lured into defending Germany from an attack by a great enemy, soon learns the horrifying truth of Adolf Hitler's intent to conquer the world through violence. His world is shattered and tainted when he personally witnesses the bombing of innocent women and children.

Hope and Enlightenment is a blog hosted through Wordpress, a website and blogging platform. It became an idea for Oswald to create a book based on the posts he shared through his blog Hope and Enlightenment via conversation with family and friends. In this book, you will read of truth based on the main truth of God's written word, the Bible. As the title exp Step back into time with the Otis family and see how a very young Amelia Earhart celebrated Christmas with her family. Growing up in the same household with her grandparents was very special for young Amelia.

She was surrounded with the gre Commentary was held to minimum in this study. Opinions and comments have very little power. The Word of God speaks very well for itself and does have great power. The power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ can save the souls of mankind and turn a hard heart into one filled with His love. Second Timothy s Young Mike, dreamed of being a soldier. When he joined the Pennsylvania National Guard during the Great Depression, peacetime military service seemed like a breeze.

One year after his discharge, he was drafted into an expanding National Army that was preparing to enter the greatest conflict in human history. Conduits of Grace is a call to action for women of faith, a call to live big, bold, beautiful lives for Christ and to embrace the talents, gifts, and influence that God has given you. It is a wake up call to leave behind things that don't matter and to let go of all the doubt and fear that is holding you back from becoming all that God created you to be. Mia loves counting, calculating, and trying to figure out the world around her. Numbers jump out all around her, and she is fascinated by problem solving.

She doesn't act like the other kids her age. Will this cause her to be lonely, or will this open up the door of discovery for Mia? Mia's mission to be Discover something new with Scarlett and her amazing science experiments. Scarlett invites you to mix colorful lights and ask the question, What color will it be? Aging requires courage. Adapting to the constantly changing aspects of our body, mind, and soul does not come easy for most seniors. This book addresses the realities we must face as we begin to think about retirement, including what happens to our bodies and minds.

The author chose walking as her method of addressing her own aging. Part adventure, part refl This fictionalized novel reveals disturbing earlier and recent true mainly American history, not the propagandized mainstream versions. The reader will be able to consult sources named in this book to judge for him or herself the validity of the information.

We are living in unprecedented times. Government, international and other big banks and corpor Isn't it a huge letdown when it's raining on the weekend? Well, it certainly is for Jazzy Mae! She is home all week being homeschooled with her mother, and all she wants to do on the weekend is play and use her imagination! Jazzy Mae doesn't want to be stuck inside with her boring toys and the same TV shows.

The story is about a woman who left her family, ventured out in darkness and in an unfamiliar territory, lost, alone, and broken. That was when encounters with Jesus Christ began through other people including a homeless man. She was rescued and saved by Christ, and through her salvation Christ told her what would happen in her life next How big is your God?

Have you ever come face to face with a Holy God? Have you ever considered what would happen to you if you did? Life is a carefully, and beautifully, designed structure that our creator—the architect—has put in place in all forms of life in this universe. We are the sum of all its pieces. Life, it's truly a monumental gift given to each one of us.

How we choose to use this gift to treat one another is up to us. This book Pieces of Me in Poetry, I hope shows a meas Some are good; some evil. And then there are those that mean life or death—the kind that leave you breathless, but not in a good way. I have many secrets, but I dare not speak them, because if I do, my life will be forfeit. The Author wrote this book of poems because she truly believes that God is a god of love, that his Son Jesus did die for our sins, and that the Holy Spirit dwells in the hearts of all who truly believe that Christ Jesus is our only savior.

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People are fascinated by angels who have been with God since the beginning of time. People love to hear the stories of angels coming to people's aid. Indeed, they are known as ministering spirits. In the Old Testament, angels are used over and over. They wi Throughout my life, I have overcome many obstacles. I can't say that God put the problems there for me to solve. I can only admit that I turned to Jesus for answers and received blessings and miracles.

My book is written for ordinary people and took sixty-four years to write. It includes everyday When he was fourteen, they returned to Hungary where he remained until he was close to turning twenty-one. It was then he made the decision to return to the United States so he would not lose his citizenship. Are you a follower or a leader? Every Christian is by definition a follower of Jesus and every Christian's calling is to lead others to Him. The Adventures of Tobias the Turtle is the story of a turtle swept away from his home in the woods on the babbling brook during a rainstorm.

His goal is to get back home to the Babbling Brook. Two young girls and their dog, Flapjack, find him on their lawn, but when he wanders away from the safety of their home, Tobias's life becomes a series of misadventure Does God answer prayers? If he does, what is the timing? What prayers does God answer? Does God answer according to our expectation or differently? How important is God's will in answering prayers? This book answers to those questions and explains how important and essential praying daily is to grow and continue our relationship with God.

It contains the pra This book was inspired by a true story about a little girl who was grieving the loss of her mother. When she stumbled upon an injured bird her life was forever changed. It is a tale about loss, love and learning to find joy and happiness in the smallest of things Sam is wandering the streets for what seemed like ages when he comes across a helpful soul, Evangeline.

Evangeline sees something more in Sam than most people and offers a helping hand. After much hesitation, he finds himself wanting a better life, a life he once had. Finally, he decides to accept Evangeline's offer. During Sam's long road of healing and get Through quotes, acronyms, and words of wisdom, the seven dimensions of human endeavors addresses the key challenges that we all face on a daily basis.

If we want to live wisely, we must learn to function successfully in each of the seven dimensions of human endeavors, which include the spiritual, physical, nutritional, social, emotional, intellectual, and th The Stoneclad, an ever-present force of protection, is in danger of being consumed in darkness. To maintain its light throughout the realms, the guardians are given special gifts, elements of power that allow the light to break through. When a piece of the Stoneclad is given over to the darkness, all hope seems lost.

But somewhere in the distant horizon, the A multinational corporation has found Daedalus's labyrinth, an ancient structure that is central to a dozen Greek myths. Hidden among a wealth of decaying weapons and crumbled structures, a bronze disk is discovered, with a message inscribed on its surface in both Greek and English. A mountain climber had just lost his baby on an icy-cold mountain with wild animals all around.

A Woman's Journey through her Husband's Prostate Cancer is a title I chose due to the discovery in of my husband's cancer; we were all affected. My entire family. I needed my mother and brothers and sisters to assist me with my family life while my family life was on hold. Without the support and guidance of physicians and family, I do not believe I wou What is poverty and how does it affect family life and children in particular? How should children from an early age be socialized to menial labor? This seven-year research seeks to understand how girls are socialized in a modern traditionalistic society that is bent on stripping them of normal childhood and destined for a life of back-breaking and dangerous Edna and Richard were now getting a little old, their eye sight was not as good as it used to be, and so they wanted to retire.

They had been making Teddy Bears for many years. They had almost completed their last Teddy, and decided to. Edna felt this last Teddy was very special, and she decided to call him Thoma Abortion is a taboo subject. Abortion is not a matter of policy, but instead, at its core is a heart issue. For it reveals both where our hearts stand as well as who reigns—Christ or Self. For those of us who in the past have chosen Self, this book is for you. This book is for those women who are willing to look into their heart and allow Christ to cleanse While this book is the autobiography of Stanton O.

Berg's Stan's life and times, it is also a short history of United States during the Great Depression and also the history of the development of the forensic sciences with some inclusion of Sherlock Holmes in that history. Stan's four years army service in the Counter Intelligence Corp. There are two creations mentioned in God's word: the first described in the book of Genesis, and the second being the natural world all around us. What is man's relationship to these creations, and how do these relate to the Creator? What were their p Lying on the cold steel surface of the air ship, barely able to move, Ashton focuses on a strange figure looking down at him as he coughs.

To answer your real question, think of us as the light in the darkness, the ca Teachers experience joys and tribulations, mountaintops and valleys, struggles and triumphs. A to Z Devotional for Teachers is sure to lift your spirits and remind you of why you are where you are and why you do what you do. Be encouraged each day as you read these nuggets from one who has been there.

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No situation in the classroom is bigger than or mo For young Mika, as for so many Japanese youth, the pressure and expectations are often overwhelming. Parents with unrealistic goals, insensitive uncaring peers and a future that often seems hopeless. She finds herself sinking into despair until one day she meets a young man that is somehow very different, he is kind and caring with an unusual wholesomeness a Three years ago, Hadley Tate, a prostitute, was murdered in the city of Silverkeep, a quiet oasis of middle- to upper-class families.

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No one was ever convicted of the murder, and the case was soon forgotten by the authorities. Sometimes we need a role model—someone who knows what we are going through or just someone to talk to. In the realm of religion and theology, we look to the saints or those deemed to be holy people. You can find most saints of the Catholic church in Books of the Saints. These are more the traditional saints most from centuries ago.

I prefer to look at holy Who am I? I am so thankful for God's truth and his promises to bring good from the storms of devastation in our lives. No one wishes for hard times in life, no one asks for suffering or storms, no one longs to wade through deep rivers of hurt, rejection, and pain o Forgiving others is one of the hardest things to do. This book gives spiritual reasons to work through your process.

Through examples from everyday life, bible stores and personal testimony, this book will help you understand why forgiveness is so important. Come embark on an adventure with twin siblings, Joshua and Maranatha, at the Imperium World! The Imperium World is a new world where one can be loved and share that love with others by being a positive difference in the world while making the world a better place.

Each Imperium Playhouse holds a different quest that must be conquered and an internal treasure Denny is a young boy who has trouble falling asleep. There just might be a monster under his bed! With the help of his two friends, Denny learns all about imagination and how it can be something positive. Is there a monster under his bed? Bitigaio Bear was born from the Pine Tree Christmas Tree Farm owned and operated by the Bitagaio family, a caring Christian family showing and sharing their love to the community where they live. Bitigaio Bear shows this same love as he experiences and learns about faith through the growth from pumpkin seeds into big, orange, pumpkins In June of , Carol's, safe predictable life was uprooted.

In , she began documenting the journey of finding her Nana and the subsequent cleanup of the cemetery at the State Mental Hosp Visiting friends in Australia, Deannie takes a morning walk in the nearby forest. The day is beautiful, and she is excited to go exploring in this inspiring country. She does not know that her life will take a radical turn. Stumbling into the entrance of another dimension, her journey begins. Her guide, a tiny fairy named Sunshine, surprises her and w Many of the poems depict what it was like growing up as a baby boomer on a rural prairie near and in Whiteface and Levelland, both small West Texas oil field boomtowns The first part of the title is how I perceived things in my journey called life.

It's the events as I saw them from my eyes and how they impacted me. The second part of the title is what I would have preferred things to have been. Life's experiences are not always what I wanted them to be. It's those experiences that challenged me and made me change s He was her eyes, guiding her through the darkness and always at her side.

She showed him the light of compassion, life, and love. The bond they shared together was beautiful and unbreakable. In only his third year as a guide dog, the world overturned for Chance. He came face-to-face with one of the most difficu Shouting into the Mist is a contemplative self-reflection based on the theory of perception and the inescapable existential component of human existence.

Any manifestation of life has a message which is shouted to an ultimately indefinable audience, to be understood and misunderstood, as well as interpreted, reinterpreted, and misinterpreted. Through one's j This book follows a law enforcement career through the turbulent era of the '70s and '80s, the outreach of the '90s, and into the twenty-first century. The period also included community-oriented policing and other programs, some of which were properly applied and were a success, while others did not achieve their planned application. Barkersville is the kind of place where people ran to escape.

Lewis was a longtime resident of Barkersville, but that never stopped him from running. For most of his life, Lewis carried around a burden of unspoken words and unanswered actions that weighed him down more than he'd ever let on. Following the covenant promise God gave to Abraham, how it points back to creation and how it points forward to completion.

Abraham's two sons—Ishmael, born of the flesh; and Isaac, born of the Spirit, the child of promise. Following this lineage forward, the two kingdoms. Ishmael representing the kingdom of this world's system, and Isaac representing the Mimi is a little girl with big dreams, but not everyone shares her enthusiasm for such an unrealistic future. After all dreaming of things so unlikely to come true is really a waste of time, or is it? The Dancer is a story written to inspire young minds to reach heights previously unthinkable!

Set deep in the south in the city of Meridian, Mississippi and the rural area of Cyril, Alabama between s and s, this story is about a young girl and her mother who try to reconcile their love for one another. The story covers three generations of their family as the daughter struggles to find the love from her mother that she so desperately Rosa Brown was an educated sixty-year-old woman, who worked in the corporate world.

Life was good until she was informed by her employer that her services were no longer needed. Devastated and confused, Rosa found herself living in a women's shelter in Washington, DC. Eventually her life became elevated when she joined a work program and found steady employm Family members silently experience their own personal hell when they have a loved one on drugs. It is a frustrating and confusing time with no straight answers, leaving family members feeling lonely, angry, and helpless.

How we see life in any moment is through the lens of our perception. We are bombarded daily with news of struggles and sadness—our own and those of others around the world. These humble expressions are not intended to minimize the realities of that which deeply challenges us. Instead, they are gentle reminders to remember that we are all blessed wit Seeking to Become Whole: Creating a Transformed Church for All the Children of God approaches the issue of marginalized persons—the other—by interpreting Jesus's parables in the context of progressive Christianity to create a church of love and justice for all God's children.

Superhero is a sweet story about the love between a mother and her child. In this story a young child wakes during the night from a bad dream. He calls out for his mother, who comes quickly to his rescue. As the story continues, the roles reverse, as the boy becomes his mother's superhero. She explains that her love for him has given her strength and insight This is a very readable Christian book putting forth the ideas of Christianity and evil, with Christianity being a clear winner. The story revolves around a troubled family living in an old, once-beautiful, twenty-seven-room Victorian home on the coast of Maine.

After many years of neglect, the once-beautiful home is now filled with mystery and sadness. My Life as a Great Lakes Broadcaster is a true story that takes the reader back more than six decades to when the author and electronic communication were both in their infancy. It is a recollection of stories from Michigan broadcaster Bill Thompson, as he returns to his roots growing up on the family farm in the s, 60s, and 70s. It shows readers how he Self-empower your leadership skills. You can tailor-make your own system using BJ's motivational power phrases to achieve your desired success.

He did it. Why not you? Here are a few of those phrases:. Real leaders do not use an excuse as a substitution. They are focused on achievement and finding a solution. The book illustrations i. I liked the idea of handwritten words, which I think were somewhat inspired by writing in a toy giving personalization.

This book is back to basics with no time or commercialism dated as such. A moral lesson, if any, would be that no matter ho Imagine you are sitting in a lovely garden. It is in the early hours, when mist enshrouds the liminal space between night and day.

Or it may be in the cool of the evening, as a pallet of color begins to emerge just beyond the horizon. You are drawn to quiet reflection and wish to express the musings of your heart in word or verse, in watercolor sketch or pho I have experienced two of the most profound experiences God offers us on this earth: the overwhelming joy of adopting children, and the overpowering grief of losing a child from the tragedy of heroin addiction. In this book, I have placed everything my heart holds. It is a blend of happy experiences with my children as my husband and I raised them, horrific Brett, Blake, and their neighbor Gavin were having a great time fishing.

An Unexpected Honor. It happened on May 1, on Sunday afternoon with about seventy-five friends, former kickers and families of former kickers, coaches, my family, and other friends from the church and community. For the Christian, the Bible is a practical and essential source of faith and life.

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God has preserved and supplied it as a tangible connection to Him. He reveals His wishes for us and His character in the scriptures. But given our daily pace—or, even worse, our mistaken understanding—if we read it, we do so with the wrong focus. We may only review That's where Reagan, Mason, and Colton are going with their grandparents to have a picnic in Cades Cove. There will be wonderful things to see and tasty food to eat, but Grampy has a special surprise that creates a lasting memory for the children, one What does help look like to a four year old little boy who is sexually assaulted?

Isn't life supposed to be about playing, running, and giggling? What happens to that little one who suddenly has to deal with adult sexual issues because he has just become sexualized by a predator? It's an unspeakable act; so, just who is he supposed to confide in? He does Five-year-old Sammy has a big question: What's a belly button good for? Determined to find the answer, Sammy decides to ask his friends if they know. Johnny has no idea what a belly button is good for.

Neither does Susie, the smartest girl in kindergarten. His big brother, Ricky, does not know either. When his sister and father do not seem to know the Have you ever been afraid of something? If you said yes, then you are not very different from Plucky the Duck. With a little patience and love from his friends, Plucky learns to face his fears and become the extraordinary duck that was always there just hidden deep inside him USA and Racial Divide: Lord Heal Me and Heal Our Land addresses racism from the perspective of a sixty-three-year-old African American Christian woman who has struggled with her ability to experience the love of God because of her contradictory reality.

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The book, though controversial, will benefit all readers because it exposes the true culprit of division w This is a story about a young boy who never wanted to eat his entire meal. His big mama created a fun and exciting game for him to finish his meals. If you desire your portion from God, then you must ask like Agur did—with a spirit of sincerity, seeking only what you need. Agur realized that there is a possibility that too much wealth could create a prideful memory lapse, causing him to forget the source of his riches. He knew that would be disastrous for his spiritual health.

He also knew the greatest Monique, an American fashion reporter; Princess Zorina ; and Alison, an Irish fashion designer, lead very different lives. Monique designs the perfect skirt for her wedding, Zorina's love is forbidden, and Alison's star rises in Paris. But when Monique donates her skirt to Goodwill, she sets it on a journey that will change all their lives forever. The book is a realistic, short, comprehensive, evidence-based, description of Alzheimer's disease AD. It describes A Transition, Deathbed's Compelling Evidence of Life After Death is the real-life experiences of dying patients, primarily in a hospice setting.

These experiences are measured for accuracy through the scientific method. Most importantly, these experiences are validated by biblical information. Information and events which fail testing against biblical standard Two young Lakota brothers are tasked with helping manage the Lakota horse herd at night when most of the older boys go on a large buffalo hunt. They are faced with unexpected events and must use their wits and bravery to help save the herd Beth Gibson's life as an editor for a newspaper was pretty ordinary, a little empty, and almost boring, but all that was about to change when she went walking on the trail behind her house one afternoon.

Little did she know that her life would collide with a young shapeshifter named Cameron. Part-time mountain lion and part-time second-grade boy, Cameron wou In this chaotic world, one thing that is obvious is that the enemy of God, Satan, is using his powers to attempt to deceive the Christian Church and those who have no relationship with Christ at all. He does this by any means necessary. His greatest power is that he knows our weaknesses.

He is sullen, taking his time and making light of godly issues. And he If you are one of the thirty million people in the United States with diabetes like me, then this book is for you. It's a walk through the world of all the sweets we can no longer indulge in but only fantasize about. And that's what the book is—a satirical fantasy of chocolate cakes that talk, and cakes that endear themselves to people like you and Italians blame their weak leaders and demand their overthrow.

Mussolini steps onto the political stage and his populist views and spirited charisma captivate the country. Arturo joins Mussolini's political c Is the Bible relevant? Of course it is. It is the story of God's redemptive love for mankind, but is it relevant to me and the particular circumstances of my life?

In Speed Bumps on the Way to Heaven, I relive my own life-changing transformational stories and then put the Bible to the test. Does it have value? Is it relevant? Each chapter, each spe Sometimes the way a child talks, the way a child dresses, where the child lives, or the color of his or her skin can be a target for teasing and bullying. Grady, the fatherly dragon, helps little dragon Sydney to understand that the world is a beautiful place because there is so much to see in the way of color—that differences make the world an interesting Never suspecting that April 22, , would be anything more than a typical day, Chris's mountain bike ride turned into the most horrific day of his life.

Catapulting off the sheer face of the cliff at sixteen miles an hour and falling nearly three hundred feet, this true story of grit, persistence, and love of family is nothing short of a miracle. Land's writing is the story of fourteen years of her life, taking the reader through a time line direct from God. A true story of first the annoyance of seeing her carefully laid-out plan for future years to amazement at how divine wisdom intervened and was perfect as to where the author was to be and when, who she was to meet and why, and how the future wou This trilogy includes the first two books Little Bobby O'Malley and The Spirit of the Conch Shell that reflected some of the fond memories the author had of the undeveloped jungles and wooded areas of Southeast Florida in In the new third book, The Pirates of the Bermuda Triangle, the author's imagination carries the reader on an exciting adventure a Urban communities throughout the United States and the world are in a phase of rebuilding, whether it is economically, socially, spirituality, or culturally.

It is important in these times that diverse communities retain values that distinguish them and celebrate those cultural traditions. In the work to build community, it will be valuable to learn how song I wanted to share things I experienced back then with you. It will be of a lot of interest to those who have ever had a loved one in a nursing facility. I really hope you find it an enjoyable read. The voices, laughter and stories shared with me during my time working with the elderly still resonates in my For years as believers, we listen, read, and study God's Word.

We can get to a point of confusion if we are not careful with so much information available. We can allow ourselves to ease into information overload. When a molecular biologist discovers a miraculous vaccine, the pharmaceutical industry is eager to get hold of it, but when he refuses to reveal the elements of his formula, all hell breaks loose.

Vincent, an idealistic, unassuming research scientist, together with his bright assistant, Dorothy, discover a vaccine that when injected into the human body Six-year-old Michael Tillman had the perfect life with his adoring parents until a sudden tragedy changed his life forever. With the death of his mother and father, Michael was sent to live with his grandparents in South Georgia and had to learn to adjust to his new, broken world. His grandfather, Judge Tillman, was an extremely wealthy and powerful man but Early retired pastor, Alexander Bastion, sits in a Seattle mental care facility, staring out the cafeteria window at a world nobody else can see.

He sees a peculiar and stormy world, where the darkened glass is shattered and the thin veil, which shields people from the sight of wars in heavenly realms is torn asunder. For some reason God has shown him that a New Jersey woman burns Pennywise doll after it mysteriously appears in her yard Stephen King approves Josh Weiss. It: Chapter Two already shattering ticket pre-sale records for horror genre Josh Weiss. Tag: TV. Tag: American Horror Story: American Horror Story: goes full trashy slasher as first trailer introduces Mr. Jingles Jacob Oller.

Tag: opinion. Tag: Ready or Not. Why Ready or Not deserves to be the next big horror franchise Dany Roth. Tag: Antlers. Antlers: First trailer for Guillermo del Toro-produced horror flick hides a monstrous secret Josh Weiss. Tag: Alien: Covenant. Tag: Alien. Tag: Friday the 13th. Tag: Kane Hodder. Tag: Box Office. Tag: The banana Splits. Tag: Exclusive. Exclusive: the Banana Splits are unstoppable in this terrifying clip Jacob Oller.

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