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If the enemy drops a few light infantry right next to your Infested Command Center, any Infested Terrans nearby will charge and probably destroy your precious ICC. Infested Terran unknown.

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Its attack method involves it's self destruct mechanism. The splash of its innards then hurts units around it. It's an infested terran that's about to explode! There's an infested terran at this KFC! Broken Native Deznat Chocolate Sundae Calldown: MULE.

Duration : 64 s. Hotkey : E. Mules can gather minerals at a faster rate than SCVs , and last for 64 seconds. Calldown: Extra Supplies. Duration : 3 s. Hotkey : X. The Orbital Command calls down additional supplies which permanently increase a Supply Depot 's supply limit by 8. Scanner Sweep.

How Terrans Can Beat Other Terrans in 10 Minutes

Duration : 9 s. Radius: Hotkey : C.

StarCraft 2 Cast: PLANETARY FORTRESS Rush!

Now you want a ComSat station for your Command Center, and again do all your research. Once you're all caught up, it's time to give that Spaceport a workout.

  • Table of Contents;
  • How Terrans Can Beat Other Terrans in 10 Minutes.
  • Forever Shales?
  • The Terran Fleet Command Saga.
  • Through the Fire;

Since there's a river blocking an on-foot approach, you'll need to take to the skies. Get about eight Wraiths ready, and some Dropships.

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Once again, make sure you have researched cloaking. Load your Dropships up with Marines and Firebats. Send your Wraiths south and queue up another wave in case yours take heavy damage. When cloaked, you can raze the Refinery and the surrounding vehicles and weapons. Take out as many SCVs as you can to slow their production. When the area is clear, move on to the Command Center just west, and then bring your Dropships in to deliver your troops.