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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. All of them realize that one day, among their many victims, there is sure to be one who rises against them and strikes back! Killed many innocent people includes heroes themselves. Raped women or children for sport or other motives. Turned another innocent character to the "dark side", creating either Evil vs. Contents [ show ]. That sensation was better. I never had such a good experience as that day. So many beautiful and pure children I made love with all of them and then killed them so that they do not grow as dirty adults.

I'd do it again, and again, and again. But the thing that annoyed me most that day was those damn brats were screaming: RUN-Sensei! This ruined my experience. I purged so many children that day that I even forgot about their faces. But those things took everything from me. And that's how I am today. I lost my life, I lost my voice for that terrible man. Killing them is actually a great favor to mankind and for each person on the face of this planet, especially when those damn "cute little fucking faces" give false hopes to the humanity.

I love to kill them, they are more attractive dead. I'm not the "villain" here, I'm just ridding the world of these pests. I'm sure that "monster" also think the same. You're just as responsible for Krillin's death! What do you mean Ed? This man And what's worse You killed What did they ever do to you? They were doctors Give them back! Seeing that behind the mask was Robert Callaghan, the person he has admired deeply in the past. Professor Callaghan? The explosion You died. Callaghan : No. I had your microbots. Hiro: But Tadashi. You just let him die. Callaghan : Give me the mask, Hiro.

Faulty Medical Evidence

Hiro: He went in there to save you. Callaghan : That was his mistake. Hiro: Being consumed by a murderous rage. Baymax, destroy. He turns to Phoebus. Burn it. Phoebus: What?! Until it smolders.

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These people are traitors and must be made examples of. But you were trained to follow orders! Phoebus angrily douses his torch in a water barrel. Frollo snarls with rage. Insolent coward! Frollo grabs another torch and touches the flame to the windmill. The entire structure is quickly engulfed in flame. Phoebus dives through the window and brings the family outside to safety. Then one of Frollo's soldiers strikes Phoebus on the back of the head with the hilt of his sword. Phoebus falls over and another soldier grabs him by the arms.

The sentence for insubordination is death. Such a pity.

Innocence Turned Deadly

You threw away a promising career. Phoebus: Consider it my highest honor, sir. The soldier holding the sword raises the blade preparing to behead Phoebus when a disguised Esmeralda picks up a pebble and hurls it from her sling. The stone hits the butt of Frollo's horse, who rears up in pain, throwing Frollo off the saddle. Phoebus punches Frollo's guards and takes off with Frollo's horse. Get him!

And don't hit my horse! As Phoebus rides off, he is showered with arrows. One of them goes through his shoulder, and he falls off the horse and off the bridge, and into the river. Esmeralda gasps. The soldiers continue firing their arrows into the river. Don't waste your arrows! Let the traitor rot in his watery grave!

Find the girl! If you have to burn the city to the ground so be it! Frollo and his guards continue on their siege. When Frollo sets the house on fire anyway, Phoebus dives into the burning house and saves the family. In response, Frollo attempts to have Phoebus executed, when Esmeralda, hidden in the shadows, intervenes and Phoebus escapes on Frollo's horse, but is hit by the arrows fired by Frollo's guards, and falls into the river where he is saved by Esmeralda. I don't think so. You destroyed everything I had! I'm just returning the favor. I was wrong. Now this is our punishment. We thought we knew our way in life.

But in death, we are lost.

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Help us. Those blood ties mean nothing to me when measured against the ascendancy of our race. Who do you think God really favors in the web? The spider, or the fly!?

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This is why only fools are heroes — because you never know when some lunatic will come along with a sadistic choice. Let die the woman you love Make your choice, Spider-Man, and see how a hero is rewarded! We are who we choose to be I will give him the Iron Chair that his mother's father sat upon. I will give him Seven Kingdoms. I, Drogo, will do this. I will take my Khalasar west to where the world ends, and ride wooden horses across the black salt water as no Khal has done before!

I will kill the men in iron suits and tear down their stone houses!

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I will rape their women, take their children as slaves, and bring their broken gods back to Vaes Dothrak! This, I vow, I, Drogo, son of Bharbo. I swear before the Mother of Mountains as the stars look down in witness! Peseo an array of pictures, and he picked Ms. The procedure was not recorded, nor was it administered by a neutral party, steps recommended by social scientists to avoid inadvertent suggestiveness, but which are rarely, if ever, practiced in New York City. When detectives could not find Ms.

Not long after that, Ms. Blyden were pulled off a train by a transit patrol officer for playing music too loudly. A check of their identification led to the wanted card for Ms. And because Ms. Blyden resembled the description of the accomplice, she, too, was taken into custody. After 22 hours of sporadic interrogation, also not recorded, Ms. As it happened, both men were cleared before trial, though one was held at Rikers Island for a year before he was freed. Neighbors who had witnessed some of the crime were shown photographs of the two women — this time, not in an array.

The Innocence Deniers

The witnesses also confirmed that those were the women. When this procedure was challenged as blatantly suggestive, the judge permitted it under an exception to rules that normally would bar such evidence. The only two people tried for the shooting of Mr. Peseo were the two women. After their convictions, the case was turned over to the Office of the Appellate Defender, where it was flagged for special attention. A senior attorney, Kerry S.

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While Ms. Blyden were under indictment, four men — unconnected to them — were arrested in another shooting case, and ultimately pleaded guilty to the shooting of Mr. Heeger said. The prosecutors quickly agreed that the convictions should be vacated. The errors in this case, as in a serious plane crash, are owed the attention of the police, prosecutors and the judiciary.