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A legend even more beautiful!

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Two children vrazhdujashhih princely families at enmity with each other. But the kids loved each other. The guy in the dark each night crossed Sevan to meet with his beloved Tamar, and she has been bred to fire Valentine saw where to sail. But one day, the girls are not relatives gave light a fire. Guy swam in the dark, looking to fire, but did not see and drowned.

His last words were "Oh, Tamar!

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In addition, the more this page is used, the more we will promote Statue of Akhtamar at Lake Sevan to other Inspirock users. It has all the advantages mentioned above, plus users to your site can conveniently access it directly on your site. We arrived at Van city center. I contacted the newspaper Cumhuriyet. They informed the Ministry of Education about the demolition. June 25, , the day when the order came, is the liberation day of the church. Between May and October , the church underwent a controversial restoration program.

It officially re-opened as a museum on 29 March in a ceremony attended by the Turkish Minister of Culture, government officials, ambassadors of several countries, Patriarch Mesrob II spiritual leader of the Armenian Orthodox community of Turkey , a delegation from Armenia headed by the Deputy to the Armenian Minister of Culture, and a large group of invited journalists from many news organizations around the world. The critics, writing for media such as Radikal, Milliyet , or Turkish Daily News , furthermore lamented that permission to re-mount the cross on top of the church was not given.

Armenian religious leaders invited to attend the opening ceremony opted to boycott the event, because the church was being reopened as a secular museum. Controversy surrounded the issue of whether the cross atop the dome until should be replaced. Some Armenians said that the renovation was unfinished until the cross was replaced, and that prayer should be allowed inside at least once a year.

A cross had been prepared nearly a year before the opening, and Mesrob II petitioned the Prime Minister and Minister of Culture to place the cross on the dome of the cathedral. The controversial cross was erected on the top of the church on October 2, It is 2 meters high and weigh kilograms. It was put on top of the church after being sanctified by Armenian clergymen. Since , every year a mass is held in the church too.

The opening was controversial among some Turkish nationalist groups, who protested at the island and in a separate demonstration in Ankara. Police detained five Turkish nationals who carried a banner declaring "The Turkish people are noble. They would never commit genocide. This was written before the cross was placed at its place on top of the church in The initial plans were for the opening of Ahtamar to take place on Apr. A real cunning idea Then the date became Apr. According to the ancient Armenian calendar, Apr. They probably knew this also. They were still pursuing another cunning idea.

If we put up the cross without making any changes, even a breeze will harm the dome. We plan to invite other specialists to solve this problem. A real tragedy How and when it will make the right move and defeat its opponent. That's the only concern. This is not earnestness. The state calls on Armenian historians to discuss history, but does not shy from trying its own intellectuals who have an unorthodox rhetoric on the Armenian genocide.

Historian Ara Sarafian has answered some criticism of the Akdamar project, stating that, on the contrary, the project represents an answer to allegations of cultural genocide. He has stated that the revitalization of the site is "an important peace offering" from the Turkish government. Ian Herbert, writing in The Independent , records his own experiences traveling in Turkey on an invitation from the Turkish government in the period of the opening of Akdamar:.

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So desperate is Mr Erdogan 's government to demonstrate its tolerance of Turkey's 70, Armenian minority that it took journalists around the country this week. The trip revealed more than the government might have intended: Armenian schools in Istanbul where only the Turkish version of history - ignoring - is taught; Armenian priests who need metal detectors at their churches because of the threat of extremists; and, at the newspaper offices of the murdered Turkish-Armenian writer Hrant Dink, a stream of abusive emails from nationalists.

Cengiz Aktar, an academic of Galatasaray University , also took a critical stance towards the loss of the island's original name in his article titled "White Vein church and others" Akdamar means "white vein" in Turkish. Not all the comments were negative of the restoration of the church by the Turkish government. British historian of Armenian descent, Ara Sarafian considered the opening of the church for service as "a positive step". An Armenian cross-stone khachkar dated in a photo published in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Akdamar Island. Main article: Armenian Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

Oxford University Press. The island of Aghtamar on the inland sea of Lake Van is home to one of the most famous of all Armenian churches, a tenth-century cathedral Historical Dictionary of Armenia. Lanham, Maryland: Scarecrow Press. Island in Lake Van and location of one of the most important architectural monuments of medieval Armenia. Yerevan: Sovetakan grogh. There are some small islands in the lake, the principal of which is Akhtamar Hovhannes Tumanyan Museum. New York: S. Dzotsikian Jubilee Committee, , pp.

Soviet Armenian Poetry. London: Mashtots Press, , p. Yerevan: Hayastan Publishing, History of the Armenian People. Yerevan: Armenian Academy of Sciences , , pp. Today's Zaman.

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