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I can only hope. Day 8 has a slower pace, but that's okay, good in fact, because the reader needs a break from the chaos to gather their thoughts and relax, much the same way the characters do. I sense better plotting in this one, as if Haywood knows where he's going, or has a better sense of his path compared to the occasional "flying by the seat of his pants" sections in days But hey, that's no bad thing either!

Pants writing can be a big rush though sometimes that excitement felt by the writer isn't always translated well into understandable narrative structure or a plot that makes sense. It was refreshing to see Smithy's POV. Good job too. We get it now. The virus can think.

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Continuing with the constant "plague" reference would have been tiring so I'm glad to see Haywood evolving the story beyond that to Smithy, thinking and figuring things out without referring to every other zombie and the world wide hive mind. I felt the plot gears grind a couple of times with obvious twists that will have an impact later on. Again, this is no bad thing as it hints at the long story rather than a bunch of mad short sprints.

Once again it was a page turner, and I was annoyed to finish it so fast - but that makes me happy! Keeps me wanting more. Only one minor irritation - Smithy's inner thoughts were considerably more violent and angry than before. There's a lot of swearing. Not that I'm easily insulted or put off by such language, the f-word is my favourite word at the moment! In days the plague felt and showed anger but it came across in more profound and acute manner compared to Smithy in day 8. Smithy understandably feels angry for reasons I won't state here so I won't spoil things for you, good reader.

Less is better. The reader tends to tune out certain words, almost skipping over them as they become numb or used to words that should have dramatic impact as they did in the previous 7 days. That aside I've really enjoyed getting to know Smithy the zombie. It's nice to see him enjoying his new found dead life and the humour flows nicely, if quite dark at times.

And I especially liked the interesting twist near the end - again, not giving it away, you'll have to read it to find out. So, to conclude, good continuation of a solid roller-coaster ride, better paced, better laid out, improved narrative, good POV and again it left me wanting more.

Looking forward to Day 9! Jun 16, Lisa rated it really liked it. I had to write something about this series because, for me, it has been some time since I have devoured books in one of my favourite genres. Since posting this originally as read I have also read days 9 to 12 with similar ferocity and enjoyed every twist, turn, introduction to new characters and demise of existing ones.

If you love zombie books you will absolutely adore this series.

Fallout 4/Adrian's Undead Diary cross over: Chapter 8

At the end of each day the author just leaves you with such a great sense of expectation and excitement that I per I had to write something about this series because, for me, it has been some time since I have devoured books in one of my favourite genres. At the end of each day the author just leaves you with such a great sense of expectation and excitement that I personally cannot wait to see what happens next.

Aug 22, Freedom rated it it was amazing. Either that was really short or I was reading super fast! That Day Day 8 went SO quickly! So much happened it feels like a blur Plenty of action, plenty of laughs and each time one of our fallen is mentioned my heart tugs Also, I hate Darren Addition to the Zompoc kit Feb 22, KF rated it it was ok.

The Vampire: A New History by Nick Groom review – an undead family tree

I just about enjoyed the first book the first seven days enough to want to read this one. However, that was with some hope that the story would become a bit more interesting. I got about halfway through this book and had to give up which is a very rare thing for me to do, I always try to finish a book even if I'm not really enjoying it. I just found the story very boring, I found some of the characters irritating and the ones who weren't irritating were just a bit boring and I couldn't tak I just about enjoyed the first book the first seven days enough to want to read this one.

I just found the story very boring, I found some of the characters irritating and the ones who weren't irritating were just a bit boring and I couldn't take Darren's chapters seriously, they were laughable. I also found the writing style quite boring and repetitive. However, a lot of people seem to have enjoyed this book so I think the style just isn't for me.

Aug 28, James McCallister rated it it was amazing Shelves: military. This was very entertaining although I think one should be past part 13 or 14 to fully understand some of the characters. I'm really not looking forward to getting to the last part. This was like a dessert after dinner. Aug 11, Shana Festa rated it it was amazing Shelves: zombies , best-of Let's start this review off with a big WOW!

The Undead series is nothing short of amazing. I read the entire thing in a mere four days and was sad to see it end. It shocked me to find the series has yet to be picked up.

The Apocalypse Executioner: The Undead World, Book 8 (Unabridged)

RR Haywood spins a tale of Mr. Howie, a night shift grocery worker as he fights off the wretched undead and meets some pretty awesome people along the way. Howie first teams up with Dave, a fellow co-worker at the store. Dave is a killing machine, methodical and devoid of social Let's start this review off with a big WOW!

Dave is a killing machine, methodical and devoid of social grace, it came as no shock when he revealed having Asbergers. His dry demeanor mixed with Howie's witty humor makes for some pretty deadpan comedy. Joined by rookie soldiers Cookey, Blowers and Nick the comedy continues as they each dish out witty barbs. Each character is fully developed and believable. It's evident in the writing that a lot of thought went into creating them and the dynamic they bring to the group.

Along the way, many more people are introduced. I won't go into their details, since that's the fun part about reading, but I will say they were each written just as well as the others. Despite the never ending battle to survive, Howie and company continue in their mission to secure a safe haven for refugees. Destruction never ceasing to knock down their doors, the action is non-stop. These aren't your garden variety zombies. They are a collective, pushed onward by an infection portrayed as an entity all it's own.

The infection morphs and evolves in it's single minded goal to wipe out humanity. The undead aren't interested in eating its prey, it's only desire to spread the infection. There are zombies of all shapes and sizes. Slow and lumbering, fast and vicious, thinking and plotting, seducing, vengeful The one thing they have in common is the red eyes. Lucky for the eyes or survivors would be completely fubar. The infection itself is original. It allows what could have ended up long and drawn out to keep me on the edge of my seat and never bored.

The Undead series is an ever changing, exciting work of fiction that will keep readers glued to the pages from start to finish. With it's terror, humor, unique story and likable characters, it is sure to be a huge hit with the masses. Important note: This series is not for the feint of heart. In addition to the blood and guts, there is a lot of bad language most of it pretty hilarious and a few sexually explicit scenes that may be shocking to some.

I appreciate the authors show of restraint as he did not harp on the uncomfortable moments. Oh, and spiders Haywoods description of poor Paula as she is stalked by an eight legged terror had me squirming in my seat and making noises of fear and disgust, followed promptly by a full body check and scan of my surroundings to ensure I, too, was not about to be attacked. Visit www. Feb 28, David Campbell rated it it was ok. Not much to it, and if you took out the cursing, it would be about half the size. Maybe the author was trying to set a record or something. Sep 03, Catherine rated it really liked it.

This audio book was part 8 and related to day 13 so there are spoilers in this review. I really liked this episode; it picks up after Howie and Marcy get back to the fort. I don't want to give too much away, but there are 2 awesome new characters - Paula and the chap with the bow and arrows who I want to call Reg but I know that's wrong so I'll maybe come back and edit this later.

They were fantastic. I really hope they stay in the team.

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In this episode, Maddox and his crews join up with Howie t This audio book was part 8 and related to day 13 so there are spoilers in this review. In this episode, Maddox and his crews join up with Howie to help defeat the organised, militarised zombie army. The ending did seem a little predictable, but I can't wait for the next instalment! Over 10, ratings on Goodreads alone for a good reason.

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