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I encourage you to keep digging deep in the storming process to come up with a project idea that is both content and process rich, but also one that authentically engages students in the real world. With your project brainstorm mostly complete, now is a good time to get some feedback on your initial ideas before building out your project too far. One way you can do that is through a Critical Friends Protocol with your colleagues, or maybe even your students! The Tch community is also a great network to share your ideas.

Use the comments below to get some feedback on your initial project plans. Jenny Pieratt, Ph. You can learn more about her work at craftedcurriculum. It can be a slam bang, stomach churning, spine jarring, heaving, yawing, pounding nightmare of a ride with pilots struggling at the controls and meteorologists straining to read their instruments. A: As far as I know, there have been no studies that relate hurricane activity to ozone depletion. However, air pollution and the greenhouse effect are related since industrial pollutions can increase the greenhouse effect.

An increase in the greenhouse effect is theorized to lead to global warming.

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And, as atmospheric temperatures warmed, then so would the ocean waters. Warm ocean waters fuel hurricanes, and it has been theorized that warmer ocean waters would lead to more intense hurricanes. Warmer waters might also increase the length of the hurricane season, which could mean more storms, but the difference would not likely be large. I cannot say for sure that global warming is occurring because I don't think we have the data to support it yet. It is interesting to note, though, that in an average hurricane season the Atlantic will see two hurricanes reach m.

That classifies them as "intense hurricanes. For the number of total hurricanes that have formed, this is a high percentage and very unusual! Q: Is New Jersey currently experiencing more hurricanes than in the past?

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A: Indeed, it seems like more hurricanes are occurring. Actually, hurricanes in the Atlantic basin — where New Jersey is located — follow a to year cycle. The s and the s were a period of low activity.

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We have now moved into an active cycle. This year we have not had as many storms, but more hurricanes have threatened the East Coast and New Jersey. Back in the s and 60s, tropical cyclone activity was very high and many affected the mid-Atlantic region. In , Hurricane Connie and Hurricane Diane struck just five days apart! The rain from these storms and a third storm led to a record flood on the Delaware River. Q: Have you ever personally experienced a hurricane?

A: I have never been in a full-blown hurricane, but I have experienced the "remnants" of hurricanes, which is what most of us experience. When a hurricane moves inland, it begins to weaken. Once the storm's wind falls to less than 75 m. However, it can still do a lot of damage from heavy rains which, cause flooding and form tornadoes.

So hurricanes can produce tornadoes! When I was 11 years old, the remnants of Hurricane Agnes struck Pennsylvania. I lived in a small town north of Philadelphia. I remember going to bed listening to the sound of the rain hitting the tin porch roof outside my window. I had never heard it rain so hard. I could also hear water rushing down the creek near our house. When I woke up the next morning, the rain had stopped and the sun was out, but I could still hear the roar of the creek.

It was flooding the town and water was in some homes and stores. We lived up on a hill so we were not flooded. Over the next few days we watched the television news reports of the devastating floods.

Some people lost their homes and many more were damaged. My mother collected up clothes and blankets that we could donate. Then we gathered with others and took a bus to one of the cities that had bad flooding. The water was gone now and the river was back to its normal level, but it left behind mud and debris. We were organized into work groups and went out to people's homes to help them clean up and begin repairs.

One house we went to was three miles from the river and yet the water had risen to five feet in their home! I will never forget the sound of the hard rain, the roar of the creek, the vision of my town being flooded and the television pictures. I will always feel good about what we did to help those who needed it after the flood. Teaching resources for grades K to help you discuss hurricane season and explain how storms develop. If you can go elsewhere then please do as I do not recommend the customer experience here.

The only available Assistant was already with someone. I waited until he was free. He looked at me twice and once again on the way out to the back and completely ignored me. He was tall. Dark red, curly hair with glasses and obviously NO manners.


Different attitude completely. Stormfront in Durham is a joy. Staff are so helpful, nice atmosphere, really interested in helping. I purchased an iPad at Stormfront Durham and the staff, Colin and Rubi, could not have been more helpful. Nothing was too much trouble and they spent two hours sorting out my new iPad.

Some kind of international enforced socialism programming garbage?? Whatever it is, its NOT what they say they are and probably like most all those "forums" Luke and Joel at Stormfront, Truro could not have been more helpful. Both were really patient with us and are a credit to the store. Thank you. He then stuck a label on it without me saying I would proceed.

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I mean what kind of service is this? They thought they could outsmart me. I know it's wrong to judge, but from the moment I walked in there, it just seemed dodgy. Two guys who appeared like they had just been offered the job because the company were struggling to make ends meet. Both knew absolute jack about apple, except perhaps the name itself and that's about it.

Neither of them had the expertise to tell me anything about the computer. I then said no thanks and left the place. Perfect solution within 15mins. Genius Bar I think that was the name I headed towards there without hesitation, the guy who professionally introduced himself looked at my MacBook, took it round the back to test it out, came back and confirmed a hardware fault.

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He instantly emailed me an apple diagnostic report and happily informed me that I should take the MacBook to where I initially purchased it argos show them the report when they ask, and they will refund or replace it for free! I did just that, and I can confirm 1. Do not waste your time and money. You must go to an actual Apple Store where the more experienced will deal with your matter properly and swiftly. If you enter a place like StormFront, and you feel unsure, leave. Awful experience at the Bury St Edmunds branch.