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The child ends up with a feeling of always being judged. These are veiled manipulations that turn children into people-pleasers seeking external validation. If every time they read a book, or put on a coat, they receive this affirmation, then the actions become transactional trades. This suppresses their intrinsic motivation for accomplishing these activities and distorts their behavior.

If no one is here to praise me, why should I do something, they rationalize? It sets children up for a lifetime of seeking approval from parents, bosses, and coworkers. The result is that their happiness is determined by external influences beyond their control.

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Instead, be specific about the activity and fall back on description. Check out Jennifer Lehr's ParentSpeak for more on this. I write about the practice of leadership focusing on how leaders can get better results by changing the words they say.

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Short version: don't say that, say this. Author o Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin.

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David Marquet. But then go one step farther: Talk about why you set those limits and why you have those expectations. Then allow your kids to talk, and make sure you listen. You may be able to control certain behaviors, but you can't control every opinion -- so don't try. Show that even though you might disagree, you still respect their right to see things differently. Showing respect is a great way to show you care. And make sure you let your kids make as many of their own decisions as you can.

The best way to learn to make smart choices -- and to take responsibility for our actions -- is to start early.

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After all, your ultimate goal is to raise them to be successful and independent adults -- because that's a great recipe for happiness and satisfaction. Behavioral control refers to the extent to which parents ask kids to constrain their behavior to meet the needs of others. Strictness is one way to think about it, but I think it is better conceptualized as the parents' expectation that the child conform to high standards--especially when it's difficult.

It also captures the extent to which parents follow through on rules they set. Psychological control is the extent to which parents try to control the child's emotional state or beliefs.

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For example, they may use guilt induction or make the child feel that they won't be loved if they don't do what parents want. The core of psychological control is that it assaults the child's self. Like this column? Sign up to subscribe to email alerts and you'll never miss a post. The opinions expressed here by Inc. Sponsored Business Content.