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All it takes is one St. Patrick's Day in the United States to realize that the Irish did not dissolve into the melting pot, they took possession of it.

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Few other immigrant peoples have exerted such pervasive influence, have left so deep an impression, have made their values and concerns so central to the destiny of their new country. In Making the Irish American , J. Lee and Marion R.

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Casey offer a feast of twenty-nine perspectives on the turbulent, vital, endlessly fascinating story of the Irish in America. Here the reader will find a brisk, compact history of Ireland itself, and a wide-ranging critique of Irish American historiography, as well as explorations of the multiple complications of religion, reflected in the fluctuating, and sometimes tempestuous, relations between Catholic and Protestant Irish and Scotch-Irish. reviews: A Compact History Of Ireland (Compact Irish History)

The authors explore the various channels through which the Irish, men and women, have made their mark, from politics to labor organization, from domestic service to popular and traditional music, from sport to step dancing. Comerford, long the iron-handed boss of New York's St.

Patrick's Day parade, and Peter Quinn's meditations on the essence of Irish America, past, present and future. They all offer sparkling insights into the evolving tension between becoming American and becoming Irish American.

Making the Irish American is monumental in the best sense—serious but accessible, wide-ranging and far-reaching and enriched by seventy unique illustrations. This book, which was first published in and now is in its sixth edition, is being reprinted for the fourth time and remains the definitive record of Irish surnames, their genealogy and their origins.

Edward MacLysaght was a leading authority on Irish names and family history. MacLysaght, Edward.

ISBN: Category: Social History. Description Additional information Description Ireland was one of the earliest countries to evolve a system of hereditary surnames.

DUBLIN, IRELAND-What to See, Where to Drink! (with Irish History and Great Irish Music)

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