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Grade —Ananka Fishbein, a seventh grader at an expensive New York City school, likens her life to flavorless mush. But when she wakes up one Saturday morning and finds that the small park across the street has become a sinkhole, her decision to explore it transforms her existence. She meets the mysterious Kiki Strike, and subsequently the group of girls each with a particular talent who call themselves the Irregulars, and they embark on an adventure that involves exploring the Shadow City, a series of tunnels under Manhattan.

The identity of Kiki, along with the motives of the mysterious individuals the Irregulars suspect are planning to attack the city, are the mysteries at the heart of the story. Miller pulls readers in immediately and takes them on a series of twists and turns, culminating in a thrilling climax complete with international politics and intrigue. If a year-old can be a hard-boiled detective, Ananka Fishbein is one. Her narration is fresh and funny, and the author's unadorned, economical, yet descriptive style carries her character through with verve. There are deft portrayals, with personalities artfully revealed through dialogue.

The chapter endings are punctuated with selections from Ananka's guidebook on essential skills. Often placed so as to advance the story, they include How to take advantage of being a girl. Kiki Strike celebrates the courage and daring of seemingly ordinary girls, and it will thrill those who long for adventure and excitement while they impatiently await the next installment.

All rights reserved. Convert currency. Hesitating for only a moment, she slips down the rope into an underground room.

Kiki Strike: Inside The Shadow City

The city workers soon arrive to repair the damage to the park, so she only has a second to explore, pocketing an old dusty book in her haste. Back in her room, she pours over the strange book whose author describes unusual spots to visit in s New York City. The author also mentions an unknown, hidden part of the city used by criminals and those not wishing to be found, a place called the Shadow City. It lies beneath New York, buried deep within the earth and Ananka has just discovered a way inside. Unfortunately, the city workers quickly fill in the sinkhole, closing off Ananka's passageway into the Shadow City.

But Ananka studies the old book with determination, hopeful to find another gateway to the underground city. And then she literally comes face to face with another clue to the mystery as she notices a new girl at her school, the same one who had climbed up out of the sinkhole.

Introduced as Kiki Strike, she enlists Ananka's help in a massive project exploring and mapping the Shadow City. To round off their team, they recruit four other girls, each with certain essential talents: DeeDee, the chemist; Oona, the forger and hacker; Luz, the engineer; and Betty, master of disguise.

Together, the six form the Irregulars, a group vowing to discover and uphold the secrets of the Shadow City. What genre is it? Laurie Kind of a mix of hyper-realistic adventure detective novel. See all 3 questions about Inside the Shadow City…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Now pretend you wake up one night and the park has sunken into the ground and left a big hole. Wait, it gets weirder! Pretend you see a mud-covered creature climb up out of the hole using a rope, and it waves at you.

What would you do? If you're twelve-year-old Ananka Fishbein, you sneak out of the house and climb down the hole. Once down the hole, you might find a secret room. I say "might" because I'm not sure which park you're imagining, but for the sake of argument let's assume you live across from the same park. In that room you would find a trap door that leads to what appears to be a never ending hallway of closed doors. This, my friends, is the Shadow City. The Shadow City is entirely underground. No one knows how far it runs, how many rooms there are, or even where it all leads.

Most people don't even know it exists, except for Ananka, and the mud-covered thing that waves like British royalty. Ananka has about a million questions about the Shadow City, the mud creature, and the new girl in school that no one has ever seen before, the one and only Kiki Strike. Who is Kiki Strike?

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She's not about to tell. But she has put together an amazing assortment of girls.

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The Irregulars are misfits, borderline delinquent, unappreciated, Girl Scout rejects, and they've never met until Kiki came along. Ananka is curious and courageous, and has access to a vast peculiar library that her parents call home. Luz Lopez is a mechanical genius, she can design pretty much anything and make it work. DeeDee Morlock is a chemistry whiz, explosives and poisons are her specialties.

Betty Bunt is a master of disguise who hasn't been seen, as herself, in four years. Oona Wong is the best hacker and forger in Manhattan. Kiki Strike is, well, Kiki; no one ever seems to get around to figuring out why or what she's masterminding. Together these girls will explore, map, and ultimately control the Shadow City.

I loved this book! After awhile, you get so wrapped up in the intrigue and adventures you forget, like the rest of the girls, to ask why all of this is happening. It's exciting, confusing, and completely absorbing. I didn't want to put it down, and my sister kept getting mad at herself for falling asleep while she was reading, even though she was completely exhausted. One of the most fun parts of this book, aside from the story itself, are the interesting and surprisingly useful lists at the end of each chapter.

The story, while complete in and of itself, is still a bit open-ended. I hope that means we get to see more adventures from Ananka, Kiki, and the rest of the Irregulars. Kudos to Kristen Miller, and can I join? Jun 26, Jennie rated it it was amazing Shelves: nonrequired-work-reading. Take a group of renegade girlscouts dressed as ninjas, an exiled Eastern European princess, some opium dens and theives liars, a horde of old, an entire city located underneath New York City's subways, and millions of murderous rats.

Holding it all together is the very mysterious, and possibly dangerous, Kiki Strike. But who is this Kiki Strike?

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Is she a Defender of the Innocent? Or an International Assassin? Or possibly a Kung-Fu movie star? This is an exciting and, well, just plain awesome adve Take a group of renegade girlscouts dressed as ninjas, an exiled Eastern European princess, some opium dens and theives liars, a horde of old, an entire city located underneath New York City's subways, and millions of murderous rats. This is an exciting and, well, just plain awesome adventure that features a group of girls kicking ass and taking names. Most wonderful.

My favorite is the end of each chapter, which offers helpful hints on such things as how to best follow someone, how to lie, how to spot a fake diamond, how to disguise yourself and how to escape from kidnappers. This is now one of my favorite books! This book is brilliant. It's a good read for tweens and teens. This superspy really kicks butt!

Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City | Teenreads

This group of smart, loyal, sly girls make a great team. One of the best books I have ever read. I think everyone who loves a good mystery should read it. Feb 10, Marita rated it it was ok. So I liked it, but there were some flaws that made it just ok. I assume it aspires to be a book about geeky girls who empower themselves to explore an underground city and save NYC.

It falls short in my opinion. The girls may be empowered and brilliant in a singular sense, the "Irregulars" are not an empowered group of women on any level. They are negative and shallow even. I just couldn't stand by when the narrator is told to only have one cookie by a friend because she would be cuter if she lo So I liked it, but there were some flaws that made it just ok.

I just couldn't stand by when the narrator is told to only have one cookie by a friend because she would be cuter if she lost a few pounds. Then the narrator uses all her money to buy new designer clothes and doesn't eat that second cookie next time.

Kiki Strike - Inside The Shadow City

Why does this have to be the norm for girls. Why can't we just be geeky and enjoy another cookie? It was fun to discuss in book club and reflect on my teen years, but over all. View all 6 comments. Dec 23, Richard Due rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed. A worthy read if ever I've met one. There is so much to recommend this book that it is hard to know where to begin!

I wanna be a girl scout! I want to be dangerous! I want to be an irregular!!!

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I knew almost immediately what great hands I was in; Kirsten Miller's rapid-fire and hilarious mind is stamped on every single page. But it was when I was halfway through the book and out in the weeds as far as the mystery was concerned when I realized I was up against a mystery as formidable as one from A worthy read if ever I've met one. But it was when I was halfway through the book and out in the weeds as far as the mystery was concerned when I realized I was up against a mystery as formidable as one from Agatha Christy.

I love good mysteries. Don't get me wrong, I like stories where I can see the ending coming a mile away. Yeah, it didn't take more than a few seconds to know exactly how THAT was going to end. But, to be midway through an entertaining read, and NOT know where the author is taking me? That is not only rare, but wonderful! And I learned all kinds of stuff I never knew! And about subjects I never thought I would learn things about!

I will never walk the streets of New York City and look them the same way again.

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Now where did they hang those pirate heads? Let me get out my maps! I can't wait to read book two which I purchased before I even finished the first one , but now I'm off to either book 2 in the Sisters Grimm series, or Lemony Snicket's Ersatz Elevator. Somebody got a coin I can flip? Feb 09, Rebecca McNutt rated it it was amazing. This book is so cool, it starts off slightly boring but it's sort of if Coraline were mixed with that animated film 'Flushed Away', featuring an underworld of New York City and mysterious, unique characters.

The cover illustration and inside map of the city was really great, too. Aug 06, Samantha rated it really liked it Recommends it for: people who like an adventure story. This book is very interesting! Some parts went over my head aka could forget about. It was detaily. There was a lot of action and mystery though. I liked it and there is a sequal too! I hope if you read it you like it too! View all 9 comments. This review can also be found on my blog, NovelWorldUnfurled.

I go through phases. I go all out. To " This review can also be found on my blog, NovelWorldUnfurled. To "what time is it? I buy juice cartons I wouldn't normally buy just so I can make a periscope. What can I say? I was born a dreamer and it hasn't been beaten out of me just yet. I mean, it's the story of a seemingly regular girl named Ananka befriending the mysterious Kiki Strike, who seems to have no past.

They then, assemble a super-sluth group of girls: DeeDee the chemist, Luz the engineer, Betty the master of disguise, and Oona the document forger and lock picking expert, and call themselves "The Irregulars. And boy, oh, boy, you won't be able to predict the outcomes of this adventure. Or the middles. Well, maybe the middle, but definitely not the end. Because they were brilliant and active in the adventure, and weren't the stupid, one-dimensional kind you sometimes get in YA and children's literature where the girl is either sweet, lovable in a traditional sense and somewhat passive, or super-pushy and cold and kick-ass.

The Irregulars all had a back story, and while some of their stories weren't revealed, I'm sure I'll continue to learn about each member of the Irregulars in the next book of the series, The Empress's Tomb. I loved that Inside the Shadow City doubled as a non-traditional tour guide for the historian interested in strange happenstance and dark pasts in all of us well, me at least, but I may have an unhealthy fascination with Manananggals , hobo signs , Alcatraz, headhunters, cannibalism, and secrets that some of you may not delight in.