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He is a genuinely good guy who, like Mary thinks he's unworthy. Edward was a wonderful hero, he was exactly what Mary needed, and she was what he needed even if he didn't know it. They both helped each other heal, in both obvious ways and in ways they didn't even know they needed. I just loved this pair. There were two other notable characters that I want to mention, Yvonne and Viscount Powers, both likable and with their own demons and issues. I really liked Powers and think he has his own story to tell.

I will admit the bickering between Powers and Mary was amusing at times, and I did love their shared experiences and bonding. It's pretty rare that we get to know a secondary male character so well that I almost wanted Mary to turn her affections to him, mostly because I really felt for the flawed and perhaps even more tortured Powers. The characters were flawed, tortured and they didn't get better over night.

It was a slow progress, and it wasn't a once they were better that's that kind of thing - especially in regards to Mary's addiction and Edward's self-recriminations, but they did grow as individuals and really fit each other well as a couple. The only thing I would've changed was the external aspect of the people hunting for Mary that could've been explored and expounded upon more.

Overall, I really enjoyed this, more than I thought I would. This is the kind of book that once you start you don't want to stop because you want to see the characters succeed so to speak. I absolutely enjoyed this. View 2 comments. Jul 13, The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog rated it really liked it Shelves: 4-hearts , reviewed , arc-received-for-honest-review , jo-s-reviews , july Firstly, I read a paperback!!

And secondly I read an historical romance!! I'm not sure that I would go back to the paperback but I would definitely read a historical romance again, especially if was by Marie Claremont. Mary had lived a brutal past, locked up in an asylum where she was badly treated. She managed to escape but she was scarred from her harrowing ordeal. Mary didn't know who to trust however she was in need of someone to help her but who would that person be Edward came along just at the right time.

He was a rich Duke who felt a connection with Mary and was determined to help her in her time of need. Two warring emotions brewed riotously within him. Sadness that her life had been so bleak and a sudden spark of hope. Perhaps she was the one who could shake him from his darkness.


The one who could finally see justice done. And so Edward helped Mary to recover, showing her care and attention that she had long since forgotten. He saved her, brought her back to life but did that mean they could live happily ever after? Unfortunately not because there were dangerous shadows lurking from the past, just waiting to pounce and when they did, would Edward be enough to save Mary from her demons? Unspoken secrets hung around her like murderous ghosts, each one threatening to steal her life or mind away if she betrayed them.

Mary's tragic past truly pulled on my hearts strings. I felt so sorry for her. Despite her traumatic experiences with Edwards help she fought through the nightmares and became determined to exact revenge. I loved how gutsy she became. Mary definitely had girl power! I loved Edward, he was everything that a women could want in a man. Edward like Mary also had demons of his own and he had me wandering what he was hiding.

Only you, Mary could understand the horror, the need to forget. I just loved how Edward cared for Mary, and Mary.. They shared some adorable moments together that had me swooning like crazy. But then, day by day, being with you, living with you, I have been awakening to happiness. I devoured it in one afternoon. The plot really captivated me and I just couldn't put my book down.

I needed to know what the future held for Mary and Edward and I wasn't disappointed. Yes, there were some heart stopping moments but the story ended perfectly and the epilogue was just beautiful. If you looking for something different or want to be transported back in time to the days of Earls, Lady's and Dukes than I would recommend getting lost in a Marie Claremont book! Lady in Red gets 4 passionate hearts from me! Sep 18, Shauni rated it it was amazing Shelves: reading-romance-challenge , netgalley , historical-fiction-victorian , dark-romance.

Dark, edgy, brooding, pulsing with a heartbreaking passion, Maire Claremont's Lady in Red gives us what other books from this era only dream of. Honestly, I cried throughout the entire book.. Great Job Maire!! Such a talent can only grow with each book!! The Victorian era was full of majestic beauty and scandalous secrets—a time when cors Dark, edgy, brooding, pulsing with a heartbreaking passion, Maire Claremont's Lady in Red gives us what other books from this era only dream of. She should be the woman every man is reaching for. Beauty, grace, wealth and the daughter of a Duke..

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Instead the rest of the world thinks she's dead "You're the Duke of Duncliffe's daughter. How kind. Someone in the Ducal family is mad as a march hare and it's not the girl lost in the madhouse! But Mary has something no one can take away from her.. Edward Barrons, Duke of Fairleigh, fights his own demons.. Lost in the past of his father's crimes, Edward will do anything to escape them.

Including helping a woman he met in a brothel. More Waif than woman, Edward sees in her eyes his redemption. A way to not escape his past but rather help Mary survive hers. He has no clue who she is only that the ton's most notorious madam has asked him for help.. Beginning to see why I fell in love? And yet there is so much more.. Is the need to protect. The need to make sure no one else suffers his evilness. To protect those around her Mary fights body and soul to win in her battle against the Duke and the hell he left her in. Bittersweet poignancy reigns supreme in this book..

They are so broken, so destroyed and yet they march to the beat of human hearts so pure there can only be triumph. Gathering a crew of misfits, also broken by life's battles Edward and Mary fight for survival.. Only to realize that neither really understands what truly keeps them going. It isn't revenge.. It's love. And only love can protect them from what is to come. A great, great book!! There is so much more to Lady in Red than just a love story.. It is Milton's Paradise lost in the Victorian Era.. Individuals who have seen the light but are lost in the darkness only dreaming of finding the light again.

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It shows us the dark and seamy side of Victorian England, a glimpse into what happened in those madhouses and the addictions they caused. And most of all what can happen when evil men have control. I wouldn't want every book I read to be this dark, this edgy, this battle for light but for this series.. I am willing to weep in order to find the triumph!!

Again Great Job!! Sep 24, Jen Davis rated it liked it. I had a hard time connecting to this book. I really enjoyed The Dark Lady, though, so I stuck with it. But the first book was definitely better. This works fine as a standalone. She barely got out of the horrific madhouse with her life. She almost killed I had a hard time connecting to this book.

She almost killed a guard to escape. Now the only place she has to turn is the madam who was friends with her mother before she died. Edward is suffering some serious ennui over the death of his father and feelings of low self worth. So much so that from that single meeting, he agrees to become her protector when Yvonne makes the offer. This brings me to Issue 2. Mary was terribly abused in the asylum: physically, emotionally, and sexually.

Yeah, we have a tough moment or two when she has some rape flashbacks. She wants to see and touch his body. It was too easy. So was her ability to kick her crushing laudanum addiction. Yes, she has one almost slip, but there is no vomiting, shaking, or overt physical signs of withdrawal… just the desire for escape from her pain. The relative ease in which all these major issues are resolved made the story feel somewhat superficial and difficult to connect to.

It did get better for me. I liked the friendship that grew between him and Mary, and I enjoyed seeing the strength that each of them gained as a result. The story really picked up for me when Mary decided she wanted more than what she was getting from Edward and the dominoes fell one at a time as a result. There is a good amount of action and villains that are easy to hate —and fortunately, get their due. I was satisfied with the resolution to both the internal and external conflicts —and glad to see Eva pop up in the story.

It was just that with the weightiness of the subject matter, I found too much of it to be too easy. The sappier the better. No, this story has a darker sinister feel. Every now again I do enjoy a darker book. I guess my darker side needs to be unleashed. However, they were being chase by the guards and Mary decided to jump out of moving carriage to save her friend Eva.

Fortunately, Mary was never capture and we find her in London at the beginning of Lady in Red. Poor Mary, she needs a lot of help. She first turns to her mother's old friend, Yvonne. In turn Edward calls upon his acquaintance Viscount Powers for help. So, Lady Mary has all these allies to help her take down her father. At the start of Lady in Red, we see Mary doesn't see much worth in herself. With the help of Edward and Powers, Mary starts to develop confidence in herself and she realizes that she's worthy to have someones love.

However, the one she wants to love her has a couple of demons to conquer. Edward has many demons and feels that he doesn't have the power to love anyone. In the story Edward believes one of the ways of exorcising these demons is to help Mary take out vengeance on her father. As the story develops, Edward realizes that vengeance isn't the answer and tries to discourage Mary from taking out her father. However, Mary sees this as a way to control her, so she turns to Powers for help.

At first Powers wanted to seduce Mary away from Edward, but he starts to develop some feelings towards Mary. Mary and Powers actually share a lot in common, so it would be natural for Mary to turn her affection to Powers. As we read the story, we see a possible love triangle. Both men are different as night and day. However, one has the thing that Mary so desperately needs.

One of my favorite quote from the story: I suppose a book is a good if it can pull you into its world, so our world disappears. That the characters become as real as you or I. The best way to sum up Lady in Red is from that quote. It is truly a captivating story that will suck you in from the first page. Even as a darker read, this an unbelievable story that will take you on a harrowing adventure and eventually find happiness in the end.

So, if you are looking a Victorian romance that borders on the darker side, you might enjoy the Lady in Red. Copy provided by author Sep 27, Secretly Reading rated it liked it Shelves: historical , reads. My huge complaint is I often felt like scenes were shifted too quickly and caused me lots of confusion as I read. What I Liked: This is a captivating gothic romance dripping in emotional intrigue. Mary and Edward each have demons that nearly cripple them but they cautiously turn to each other and this is powerful to read.

I also like how mature both characters are. They acknowledge their relationship started as them using each other and has morphed into something more. They have a maturity that I greatly enjoyed. What I Also Liked: The plot is a gothic suspense that set the tone of the book. Finally, I love that this book allows vengeance and forgiveness to all happen simultaneously. What happens to the henchman that assaults the woman who helps Mary is gory brilliance and unexpected.

I even thought some of my pages were missing. IMO: Lady in Red is a very good gothic historical romance but the confusing jumps in scenes happened often enough to diminish my overall enjoyment. Sep 22, Farrah rated it it was amazing. Darkly romantic and thrilling, Lady in Red was an amazing historical romance. It had dark romance, haunting pasts, shocking betrayals and I loved every bit of it!

Mary was a very strong heroine. Her past is enough to make most people break down, but she survived and is determined to get revenge. She was an awesome character and very likable. I liked that she didn't hide behind the men offering their help, though neither did she scorn them. Instead, she learned what she needed to protect herself a Darkly romantic and thrilling, Lady in Red was an amazing historical romance. Instead, she learned what she needed to protect herself and became a force to be reckoned with.

I thought she was a wonderful heroine and I really liked her.


Edward was also amazing. Like Mary, his past also haunts him, but in a different way. Because of what his parents were like, he is terrified that their cruelty and madness would pass on to him and tries to prove that wrong as much as he can. He was very honorable, noble, and determined to do the right thing, even if it wasn't the easy way. He was also very sweet and devoted to his loved ones.

I adored him. I thought he was a perfectly flawed hero. The romance was intense. Mary and Edward both have terrible pasts and, when you put that together, you get a very darkly intense relationship, if that makes sense. They clung to each other as safety nets. And, their relationship allowed them both to heal. And, the sparks between them were constant. There was definitely a wealth of passion in their relationship. Sometimes, though, I wanted to shake some sense into both of them. They seemed to be on different pages a lot. This might sound cheesy, but they really needed to communicate.

It would have saved them several misunderstandings. They eventually learned how, so that didn't bother me too much. Overall, I thought they were a lovely couple. The plot was fast paced. I was hooked the entire way through. The betrayals and secrets were shocking and kept me on the edge of my seat. The truth of both Mary's and Edward's pasts were a surprise.

I really enjoyed the story and the ending was perfect. Lady in Red was a dark romance that I absolutely loved. It was dark, romantic, thrilling, and full of secrets. I enjoyed every bit of this historical romance. Lovers of romance, if you want something dark and thrilling to keep you on the edge of your seat, this is a book you'll want to read. Yes, we used each other in the beginning.

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But now it is so much more. Out of pain came love. Oct 15, Leslie rated it liked it Recommends it for: Romantic historical fiction fans. Shelves: love-story-romance , angst , drama , family-ties , first-read , hea , psychological , historical-fiction , sexual-situations , love-triangle. As far as historical fictions goes, Lady in Red is an enjoyable enough read. I also enjoyed how her characters Edward, Mary, and Powers were the sort who manages to be both heroic and humanly flawed.

Many times you will have heroic characters who seem to be too perfect in their characterizations leading to a lack of believability and even likeability. I appreciated how issues of addiction, alcoholism, and the idea of murder for revenge were talked about and dealt with in the story. There were moments in the book where the pace of the story slowed down, producing a lull for me. I understand the need for insights into the characters motivations and feelings, but at times I just felt they a little repetitive and unnecessary.

The previous chapters leading up to it, built up the moment of confrontation between Mary and her father especially since Mary was so hell bent on her revenge and desire to see her father ruined. I was expecting to get something more dramatic and action-packed than what was actually delivered. It sort of took out the air of the story for me and I just waited for the end of the book. As I read further into the book, he continued to grow on me.

I actually found myself being amused by his antics and with the way he can easily irritate both Edward and Mary. But his scenes with Mary and helping her through her issues really cemented my regard towards him. You got a deeper sense of the man underneath the banter and the sarcasm and you see a man who is haunted by his own demons who is still trying to find his way out. He may not have had many scenes, but when he was present, he really took the spotlight and was so fun to read.

Overall, this was a good book to read when you have some spare time to kill. It was written nicely with some likeable characters. Feb 16, Cerian rated it really liked it. Originally published at Rookie Romance. Personally, although I didn't love this book as much as the first, I still really liked it and was engrossed in Mary's story. Mary is such an incredibly strong character, and my heart bled for her. Mary had been thrown into a mental asylum, run by a cruel and merciless mistress, and left for dead.

Mary suffered h Originally published at Rookie Romance. Mary suffered horrific abuse at the asylum, where she was raped, beaten and force fed laudanum. Despite all of this, Mary doesn't lose her determination to survive and escapes the asylum. She doesn't let her past break her down, and becomes determined to have her revenge- with the aid of Edward, Duke of Fairleigh.

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I loved how badass Mary could be, she is trained by Edward and his friend, Viscount Powers, in order to ready herself for her revenge. She's the type of heroine you root for and marvel at her strength, whilst urging her to not throw away the chance for love in front of her. Passions is a show that should be taken simply at face value -- don't look beyond the surface Yes, it's rediculous and it's meant to be. Part of its charm is that it makes fun of its own genre. Don't expect Oscar winning performances, although there are a few on this show that can act unfortunately, they're offset by multitudes who can't , but expect to laugh -- whether it's meant to be funny or not!

Saved by the Commercials William9 10 August Passions: 40 minutes of Soap-free commercials! This new daytime drama by former Days of Our Lives creator can't even be christened with the title of "Soap Opera. Imagine Saved by the Bell, that inane sitcom inspired by the popularity of the equally inane Beverly Hills from the late 80s, early 90s, minus any drama, any humor, any decent acting, or any clue. What's worse is that the daily episodes keep getting worse and worse.

It started out bad: national TV reviewers gave it a bomb rating it's first day out. But it's only gone down hill. Witness Sheridan Crane and her flashbacks of her "dear friend," Princess Di. Witness pseudo-scary witch Tabatha twirl around in circles to produce, as one character on the show decries, "an insane wind from hell" to drive the entire cast out of a Red Lobster type restaurant. How is it that I hate this show so much, yet, at the same time, know all of the characters' names?

Simply, once you're hooked, you're just like those dead fish that got dumped on Ethan. You can't stop watching this show. You keep watching because you can't understand how it can get worse and worse, every day. Easily the most insulting, sexist, and horrible shows on TV today and that, dear friends, is a big, bold statement. It's all those things and, just incidently, totally entertaining. What happened? I used to really enjoy this soap when it started out in The story lines and characters were interesting, intricate and refreshing. But after about years, the plot just went downhill.

The soap was using the exact story lines when it began, the constant same struggles of the truth comes out, oh no it doesn't, and here is comes, and again no it didn't, and it goes on. The dialog and plot is repetitious,there is essentially no development in the characters, they make the same mistakes over and over, and over, they remain in the dimension that they were first portrayed or they become senseless characters the lack any senses.

I understand the soaps don't really need to make sense, but certain things like "sitting and standing" shouldn't be too hard to do for people with legs that work. I really still love all the actors and actresses that still put up with such horrible writing. I really hope someone can come in and bring the refreshing and complex writing this soap once possessed. I felt Passions needed a positive comment The only review for this show is one and only after it being on for a few days. Yes, I too felt the same way when "Passions" first came on.

It was poorly acted, poorly directed, and it seemed so unreal. However as it finally caught my eye to watch the effects have gotten better, as well as the script, the direction, and the acting. And who couldn't fall in love with an adorable life-like doll named Timmy? If you haven't seen the show, go and watch! If you have seen it and disliked it the first time believe me, I was the same way go watch it again. You'll understand why it's stayed on for the year that it has.

Also I'd like to say that I think some of Passions more appeal towards the audience is the fact that it has supernatural occurrences going on and most of the cast is rather young! It's what everyone is into these days. The characters might be a little too "goodie-goodie" but why not? Aren't we tired of our generation being depicted as self-centered, enraged, punks?

I certainly am! Besides, some of the antics by one of the characters makes some of the teens not completely goodie-goodie. And she definitely feels the criteria of the "love to hate" character on a soap. I'm also addicted to the optimism and enthusiasm of some of the characters. Please, go watch! Full of laughs lirpa77 15 February I started watching this when it first came on. It was with a group of us in college who would make sure and put our classes around the time it came on.

It is classic soap format! It is goofy and funny, not at all serious. They do try, but it just turns out to be funny. And the men, have I mentioned them I, unfortunately, have become addicted, and know it's ridiculous, but still watch. The best part of this show is the love triangles In one case it's Gwen, Ethan, and Teresa. Teresa is almost a stalker when it comes to Ethan, and Ethan has a real passionate love for her, but because of some good lies, Gwen has him.

I want Teresa and Ethan to be together, but Gwen is the one whom he is married to It's these triangles that keep me watching. Tabitha and Timmy Kirpianuscus 15 June A Badly done but hysterical show! JenEyre83 2 January When this show first began in I thought it was the worst and the least intelligent thing on television.

Then in I started watching it again to discover its humor. If you look at this show as a satire of all other soap operas it is extremely hysterical. Yes there is bad acting, inane plots, horrible special effects, but that is the joy of a show like Passions.

It doesn't try and act like it is a quality show and makes fun of itself plenty to prove it. So if you are looking for an hour lacking in mental stimulation and exceeding in laughs tune into passions. Oh sweet God, why I'll tell you why. This is the perfect soap for anyone who likes Mystery Science Theater.

I myself obssess over MST3K, so it fits well with me. So it's all her fault. Can I ask some really serious questions though? Um, this whole idea just could NOT happen. They'd need more solid proof to not even allow to see this kid, let alone take him away. Yet when do we see them working? Then why have her mom, Pilar, watch him for two straight months or was it 3? Okay, I digress; this storyline was supposedly like what, a week? But it TOOK two or three months to get the point across. Which leads straight into Come the flip ON. Let's get this moving. By the time the whole Sheridan getting her baby back storyline concludes, the "baby" will have to be technically 15 years old.

No matter the soap ridiculousness, that was just And as much as this kid was kidnapped, he doesn't know that and is giving her the shaft completely. Same kinda thing with everyone on the show who has a baby right now Kinda teaches guys that it's okay to fall for other chicks, or dump the ones you have and not pay attention to your baby. Nevermind the girl. Like that scene with Kay, Charity, and whatshisname can't remember suddenly : "Oh, the hospital called! We can take our baby home!

Why don't you go home and put the crib together? May 24, More From the Los Angeles Times. Long-lost library sculpture returns to L. But the mystery continues. A section of the Well of the Scribes sculpture returns to the L. Central Library, 50 years after it vanished. The other two pieces are still missing.