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January 2, Audrey Foroutan. Karen, Jeremy and Youngkun are great. Mathnasium was very helpful for my children. Audrey Report a concern. December 3, Great center! Love the personalized approach. November 19, November 18, Lara Ioannou. My daughter really enjoys going there and i can see a big progress on her math skills Report a concern. November 10, Both my kids love Mathnesium, They are Keats happy and willing to go to mathnesium. October 31, Dee Ho. The tutors were always so helpful for my son and the directors always answered all of my concerns.

This was such a great experience for both my son and I. I would absolutely recommend this place to anyone. October 27, Good experience so far. Suggest some improvemets: 1. Easier way to track progress in a web portal 2. History of scheduled appointments, of sessions etc. October 26, Jennifer Caniya Gutierrez.

Math was a drag in our house After the first session, we noticed a change in his attitude. Within a few sessions, he was excited to go to Mathnasium and always left happy and confident. His math scores are slowly improving.

Our son tells us that he enjoys his tutors! Thanks Mathnasium!

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Excellent tutors, staff, facility and math support! October 16, We enrolled our daughter in 3rd grade when she became frustrated with Math at a new school. Math had always been her favorite subject and we didn't want to see that change. After attending an intro by Mathnasium at school we signed her up for an assessment and enrolled her for 6 months of tutoring. I am happy to report her love of math has returned. She was asking to go to Mathnasium on her off days.

She also progressed to where she needed to be for her grade level. October 1, My son very much enjoyed his summer session. It definitely helped to keep him engaged over the summer. I wish the rest of the year was cheaper. Monthly pricing is too high. September 10, Kids really like Mathnasium and we could see really a great improvement in math grades.

Tutors teach concepts and make math interesting to kids. We are happy to enroll our daughter in Mathnasium. September 9, My kids love the teachers and look forward to their sessions. September 7, Jennifer Callow. The staff is top notch! I appreciate their care over the students and their flexibility in working with the families. The online scheduling system really adds to the flexibility. The instructors know their material and my boys think very highly of them. From the beginning assessment and excellent tutoring to the process of mastering a math skill and updating the parents on the student's progress September 6, The tutors are so helpful and approachable.

The hours are great especially opening on Sunday. The communication is also superb. August 7, I am surprised my High Schooler doesn't complain when he has to go to Mathnasium! He is getting a lot out of the summer program. July 28, Zain Alkarady. The great place ever Report a concern. July 8, Mathnasium in 4s Ranch is awesome!

Abby was struggling with Math but now she loves math and her skill level has improved greatly. They too have been begging their parents to sign up after the trail class. Ailey loves all the staff at Mathnasium too! She misses coming there. June 5, The tutors have been so helpful in my sons math program. May 24, Nicole Walker. Thank you so much for what you did! He was stressed about math to the point of tears and anxious before tests. Now it's May. For months he's been acing tests and actually looks forward to math! His MAPs scores have gone up by 23 points!

Thanks mathnasium!! April 16, My daughter is enjoying her time at Mathanasium. Thank you for your support! Millican Report a concern. April 2, My daughter would go every day if she could. She has rediscovered her love of her favorite subject and I do not have to learn new math techniques. March 4, Great progress while we have been with Mathnasium.

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She did not like math to begin with but now enjoys learning about this subject. March 3, My son has has experienced great improvement over the past 9 months at Mathnaseum. January 17, My daughter has only been going to Mathnasium for 2 months, but she told me she would rather go to Mathnasium then go to Legoland or Disneyland!! I'd call that success! January 9, Instructors are great! December 11, My kid likes going to Mathnesium because of the great staffs, casual but productive environment.

November 11, My children have learned a lot at Mathnasium in 4S Ranch! November 9, Very receptive to individual needs of my son and Great staff to work with. October 25, Bryan at the 4S Ranch Mathnasium is a perfect fit for this organization. He works exceptionally well with their clients. He fully understands the business model and the subject of math. Even though his wife just gave birth to their second child.

Some associates work with clients, Bryan knows his clients personally. As I said, without Bryan at this location Mathnasium would experience a large expense of hiring folks to replace him. Please thanks and recognize Bryan for a continually exceptional job. October 19, My child math has improved since she starts Mathnasium. Ted Hasselbring. Freeman Hrabowski.

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Timothy D. Edward B. David Dockterman. Matthew R. Steven J. Patsy F.

The Concept and Teaching of Place-Value in Math

Richard Bisk. Andy Clark. Math in Focus Grades 1-Course 3 U. Consultant and Course 2-Course 3 Writer. View Full Profile. Stay connected to find out how you can make numeracy count. Students should be engaged in solving and discussing tasks that promote reasoning and problem solving.

Read More. Surprisingly—or maybe unsurprisingly to some—staying safe in the digital age has a lot to do with math. Ally Zmijeski. A mathematics educator explains why teachers should collaboratively reflect on the results of student work and how they can subsequently take action. We sat down with Dr. Shaped Staff.

Learning math early on is important for student success

If students understand mathematics conceptually, they will be more likely to apply procedures flexibly and precisely. The book illuminates such questions as how genes spread through a population and the evolution of cooperation, by finding the best strategies for games such as cat and mouse, the battle of the sexes, and the prisoner's dilemma. On the borderline between popular science and an academic text, but eminently readable without specialist knowledge. A collection of 23 science fiction short stories, each of which centres on mathematics.

The high point is Norman Kagan's utterly hilarious "The Mathenauts", in which only mathematicians can travel through space, because space is mathematical — and, conversely, anything mathematical can be reality. An isomorphomechanism is essential equipment.

Between them, these tales cover most of the undergraduate mathematics syllabus, though not in examinable form. There ought to be a great classic in this top 10, and there is none greater.

  • Dancing with Abba (Abbas Heart of Love).
  • 4. Euclid in the Rainforest by Joseph Mazur;
  • 15 Subjects that Should Be Mandatory (But Aren't) | The Quad Magazine.
  • The Social Principles of Jesus!
  • Math Manipulatives During Lessons.
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I've put it last because it's not popularisation in the strict sense. However, it slips in because it communicated to the world one of the very greatest ideas of all time: Nature has laws, and they can be expressed in the language of mathematics. Using nothing more complicated than Euclid's geometry, Newton developed his laws of motion and gravity, applying them to the motion of the planets and strange wobbles in the position of the Moon.

He famously said that he "stood on the shoulders of giants", and so he did, but this book set the scientific world alight. As John Maynard Keyes wrote, Newton was a transitional figure of immense stature: "the last of the magicians … the last wonderchild to whom the Magi could do sincere and appropriate homage. Buy 17 Equations That Changed the World from the Guardian bookshop "'Popular mathematics' may sound like a contradiction in terms.

The Man Who Knew Infinity by Robert Kanigel The self-taught Indian genius Srinivasa Ramanujan had a flair for strange and beautiful formulas, so unusual that mathematicians are still coming to grips with their true meaning. The Colossal Book of Mathematics by Martin Gardner In his long-running Mathematical Games column in Scientific American, Gardner — a journalist with no mathematical training — created the field of recreational mathematics.

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Euclid in the Rainforest by Joseph Mazur A thoroughly readable account of the meaning of truth in mathematics, presented through a series of quirky adventures in the Greek Islands, the jungles around the Orinoco River, and elsewhere. What is Mathematics Really? Magical Mathematics by Persi Diaconis and Ron Graham Both authors are top-rank mathematicians with years of stage performances behind them, and their speciality is mathematical magic.

Games of Life by Karl Sigmund Biologists' understanding of many vital features of the living world, such as sex and survival, depends on the theory of evolution. Mathenauts: Tales of Mathematical Wonder edited by Rudy Rucker A collection of 23 science fiction short stories, each of which centres on mathematics. The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy by Isaac Newton There ought to be a great classic in this top 10, and there is none greater.

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